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July Updates, News and Plans at #MyBlogU

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July Updates, News and Plans at #MyBlogUWe’ve had a great month with lots of great news and surprising results. Let’s share our excitement today!

July Twitter Chats

During the month of July we’ve run the following community Twitter chats:

Thanks from Stephanie @Haidaloup

A big Thanks to @EP_pturner for his precious help on my article and the very helpful guide on creating a brand new website he shared

Thanks from Deb @socialwebcafe

TY, Ann ( @seosmarty) for being such an encouragement & inspiration in the community… a pleasure to work for you & with you 🙂 #goteam

If you want to say thanks to anyone from MyBlogU, please tweet now or contribute to this project!

July Content We Were Proud to Collaborate on Through @MyBlogU

A few weeks ago we quietly launched a new feature called “Articles” allowing you to collaborate on article drafts to create more indepth and diverse content with various angles. We haven’t officially announced the feature yet because it’s so new that it needs some advanced testing and tweaking (which we are still undergoing).

Here are a few first results we are very proud of:

  • Building Your Brand: Make it Personal: By @seosmarty truly in collaboration with @MalleeBlue @garyaviles @stevecounsell @amabaie. You should have seen the raw draft I uploaded to the gallery: No original ideas, no examples: This was a very sad draft I put together to find I have no inspiration to continue. The result surpassed my expectation: All the original points and examples have been added by my contributors. Awesome!
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office and Keep Your Sanity: By @HireBlogger in collaboration with @AngelaAlcorn @EP_pturner @trucosviajeros: LOVE the actual personal tips added by the contributors here.

Join us in testing this awesome feature!

Here are a few more awesome articles we’ve collaborated on in July:

To Close, a Couple of New Testimonials

From Stephanie @Haidaloup:

Myblogu testimonial

I’m new on MyBlogU but it already helped me a lot! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get feedback from helpful people who want to improve ideas and don’t judge others.

I had a great help especially from @EP_pturner who made a great job with my submitted article. It was a very important one for me as it was my “work with me page”. He gave me his suggestions and corrected my English (I’m French).

MyBlogU is the perfect tool I could dream about. #MyBlogU gives me hope in a better future, in which people are able to collaborate and help each other instead of fighting and working alone. It’s a very great change for me !

From @LukaszZelezny:

Myblogu testimonial

I regularly blog about my expertise in SEO as I like to share my knowledge with others. We all started somewhere, and I know that doing a lot of reading helped me to get to where I am today.

MyBlogU has helped me to further my blog in ways that I never imagined just a few years ago. My favorite #MyBlogU feature is the ability to connect with other professionals and interview them for my blog posts. I not only ask for other people’s opinion on what I write, but I am also available for other bloggers that may need me.

Blogging can be lonely, so I think it’s really important to engage with other bloggers when you can. It does require you to invest a bit of time, but you’d be surprised at the amount of benefits you can get from it

***You can submit your testimonial to be featured here

Thanks for being part of MyBlogU community!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Kari says:

    I like the last point – blogging really can be lonely if you try to do it all alone. It’s nice to have a community to support you and interact with. MyBlogU is a community that really makes you feel welcome as a blogger.

    • annsmarty says:

      So true! It’s easy to get discouraged at that “lonely” phase of blogging. I hope MyBlogU makes it shorter! You are not alone!

  2. Danny Franks says:

    I think that blogging is a moment when you share your information’s and your knowledge. It is important to have interactivity with people.

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