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Lead Generation Ideas to Play with Month #1 #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

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Generat leads - ideasSo we are starting to build our brand assets, create content and driving people in.

This is the perfect time to experiment with different ways to generate leads!

Now, lead generation is one if the most intricate tasks: What works for one site is absolutely useless for another one!

With that in mind, I’ll list all sorts of ideas, case studies and plugins here and you experiment and share what appears to work for you!

WordPress plugins to play with

Conversational Forms

Conversational forms is first true interactive form layout built exclusively for WordPress that is guaranteed to boost form completion and your overall form conversions.

conversational forms

Floating Bar + Form in the Overlay + Scroll box: Sumome

WordPress plugin: Sumome

This plugin comes very highly recommended. Its lead generation features include:

  • The floating bar (Hello bar alternative)
  • Overlay lead generation form (This is something you may have heard very contradicting opinions on: Some people advise to avoid, others claim it has grew their subscription rate exponentially)
  • Scroll box (Your form is triggered by how far your reader makes it down the screen)

The free version is quite heavily branded. The PRO package comes with better analytics, beautiful templates, AB testing, no branding, etc.

Sticky widget with your lead gen form

Sticky widget with your lead gen form

Free WordPress plugin: Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

How it works: The reader will scroll the page and at some point the widget with your form will get stuck (Instead of being scrolled away) and will follow the screen. It is quite a non-intrusive way to keep the form always in front of the reader’s eye.

It won’t work for any theme though, so you’ll need to check.

Hello bar

Hello bar

Install for free: Hello bar

This looks like neat bar across the screen that won’t go away while your scroll.

The only downside which I can see is the link to the Hello bar site that could potentially steal some visits and leads. There are some alternatives to explore!

It seems to drive nice results!

Other ideas:

  • Experiment with embedding your form within your content. Most email marketing solutions provide you with the shortcut to use within your content (If you install their official WordPress plugin)
  • Put the form right before the comment section: People who scrolled there are likely to engage!

More experimenting with PPL (pay-per-lead) options:

Slideshare Lead Generation

Pros: You can customize your campaign and generate quite relevant leads from outside of your website. Not a bad idea to play with! Linkedin Users will see their form auto-filled!

Cons: You’ll have to pay $4 per lead (on average)

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Pros: Lots of targeting options

Cons: Only paid option: The budget will depend on your settings. You can experiment with very low budgets at first.

More suggestions from our community (what’s yours?)

  • Bloom from Elegant Themes has been suggested by Ivan Widjaya @aseponde. It’s free, but only for the WordPress theme developer’s members.  It’s one of the best-designed and most-flexible email opt-in WordPress plugins out there. You can create as many email opt-in forms as you want, and you can decide how to display it – inline, after the post, pop up, on WP’s widget, etc.

  • Cormac Reynolds @BrightonCormac of My Online Marketer suggests trying Hybrid Connect as it has a whole variety of features and can be used as a sidebar, popup, or footer widget. It integrates with GoToMeetings – ideal for those who hold webinars or events, as well as offering a Facebook connect option and also has its own auto A/B testing option. This allows it to alter the options and narrow down to what works.
  • @jonnyswand suggests trying Thrive Leads (formerly Hybrid Connect).

Any lead generation opportunities I am missing here? Please share!

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