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Make the Most of Your Expert Interview after You Hit Publish #MyBlogU

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after-publish-to-do-listCollecting ideas from MyBlogU users and publishing an article is just one step in the process. If you want to really get more exposure to your content and make the most of that collaborated effort, here’s your to-do list.

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1. Email All the Contributors

Email all the contributors thanking them for their input and inviting them to comment and share the article on social media.

It’s very important to actually invite the contributors to engage: In many cases, people just don’t think of that unless they are invited.

Try to come up with an attention-grabbing subject: It may make a huge difference. Here’s one for your inspiration:

The article is live – trying to make you famous 🙂

Are there more ideas for a cool email subject notifying your contributors of a published expert interview?

MyBlogU tip: Use “Email all the contributors” option to reach out to all your contributors. It saves so much time!

[tweetthis].@MyblogU lets you email all your article contributors with one click![/tweetthis]

Email all the contributors MyBlogU

2. Follow Your Contributors around All Social Accounts You Can Find

If you do that right after your email, it will be easier for your contributors to remember who you are and reciprocate.

This is how group initiatives, like expert interviews or collaborated articles help you to also build up your following and influence.

Keep record of all social media accounts you were able to find as you’ll need to use them in steps 3 and 4 further on.

MyBlogU tip: Go to @MyBlogU user profiles of your contributors. Many of them link to all their social media accounts there.

[tweetthis]Use @MyBlogU profiles to find your contributors on social media[/tweetthis]

3. Share on Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin + TAG All the Contributors!

Another great way to get more out of your expert interview is to get those contributors follow you and interact with your shares. The best way to do that is to tag them in your social media update.


  • You need to follow those people on Linkedin and Facebook to be able to tag them (in most cases)
  • To tag your contributors on Google Plus try using this trick I mentioned here:

Simply tag the user’s Google Plus ID instead of the name.

This is a user profile URL on Google Plus (XXXXXXXXXXX is the unique combination of numbers)

To tag, just +XXXXXXXXXXX when writing an update

It will convert into the linked name after you publish the update.

Even if the user has switched to the custom URL (i.e. +TheName instead of /XXXXXXXXXXX/ in the URL), you can still locate the user’s ID easily by hovering-over the name in the update.


Note the best part: With that trick you can tag people when posting from apps as well!

Here’s me posting to Google Plus from Hootsuite and tagging a user:

posting to Google Plus from Hootsuite and tagging a user

4. Tweet (and Tag)… And Then Tweet and Tag Some More

Twitter is the easiest to tag. All you need is just find your contributors on Twitter (Which you already did in Step #2) and include there @username in the Tweet.

Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule a series of Tweets tagging each of your contributors and thanking them (followed by the article URL). Make sure you use different working in each tweet not to look spammy.

Schedule more tweets for a week and a month ahead tagging your contributors again. That will drive them to your article again!

If you were using Tweet quotes in your content, make sure you’ve tagged your contributors in each one as well. Here’s a good example from our @hireblogger.

5. Reply to All the Comments

Some of the contributors are sure to post comments. Make sure you reply and thank them again! That’s how your blog gets an active discussion you’ve been waiting for so long!

Are there any more steps to take after you publish your articles you’ve collaborated on with someone? Please let us know in the comments!

[To get featured in the next Twitter chat, please contribute to this Interview project: Thank fellow MyBlogU members and tell us why!]

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  1. I take it as an additional step to interact with people who have made real, genuine comments (who were not contributors) on social media.

    You don’t HAVE to mention your post, but it can be an opening. At the least follow them, and favorite/rt anything interesting. If they took the time to genuinely comment, then they were really engaged and will likely be back to you for more content and even more likely to do so if they’re engaged with you on social media.

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  3. Great advice. I’m going to share this (and tag you)

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