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#MBUstorm Challenge 2015 Resolutions: What’s Yours? #MyBlogU

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mbustorm-2015-resolutionsWe’ve announced our New Year’s #MBUstorm challenge a few days ago. Today we are sharing the first batch of submitted resolutions! I hope we’ll get most of these done in 2015!

[The 30-day #MBUstorm challenge happens 4 times a year. Please keep an eye on the upcoming one here]

Mind that not all of these resolutions may end up being part of our contest. To qualify for our prizes, participants need to spend at least 30 days daily MyBlogU activity and tweeting their progress with #MBUstorm hashtag.

Whether all the participants below are going to successfully pass the 30-day challenge (i.e. act and tweet to #MBUstorm hashtag every day for 30 days!), we don’t know yet but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to help them out today no matter if they are going to continue or not!

Table of Contents:

Tat Apostolova @muminsearch: First paid offering

I will create and announce my first paid offering by Feb 1, 2015.

How we can help: We can definitely share experience here. I recommend creating brainstorm projects asking for help: “How do I name the service and package it?” I am sure we have many people who have lots of experience in that!

Ann Smarty @seosmarty: Write a book

I will write a book by the end of 2015

How we can help: For right now, there’s an open project asking for title suggestion. I’d love some help there!

Alex Yong @ggSolutions123: Find guest contributors

I will publish at least 4 high quality original guest articles from 4 different guests before Feb. 1, 2015, and (most importantly) at least 1 of the guests will say he/she wants to be a regular contributor to my blog.

How we can help: MyBlogU currently does not support guest post requests but we have our writers’ database from where Alex can invite someone to contribute!

Also I recommend Alex creating a new brainstorm request asking for some ideas on finding regular contributors: How to incentivise them to stick to your blog? I am sure our community members has lots of thoughts to share here!

Jordan C @styleselections: Get my 2000th Instagram follower

My resolution is to get my 2000th Instagram follower by March 1. I have 905 to go!

How we can help: Let’s follow Jordan on Instagram, as step #1. Then I’d recommend Jordan create a new MyBlogU project asking for ideas on how to build Instagram following!

Lana Layne @Lana_Layne: An article a week + a new website!

When it comes to my own personal content, it always bottom of the list. I am going to really challenge myself to write one article a week for my personal use. My website will also go live before 2/1/2015.

How we can help: MyBlogU has been my major motivator since it was born. Here’s how I’ve been using it. I am sure @Lana_Layne will have much more motivation (and fun!) contributing to her own blog once she starts using our Brainstorm and Interviews features. With MyBlogU, you are not alone!

Somali K Chakrabarti @schakrabarti1: 12 comments per post + under 200K Alexa ranking

My blogging resolution for the next 30 days is to get at least 12 comments on each of my blog posts, and to improve the Alexa rank of my blog and get it under 200K.

How we can help: MyBlogU can help you increase engagement by giving you the opportunity to find people who would be willing to share their opinions on your site (here’s one of the case studies). Once you feature someone’s quote in your article, that person will be much more willing to share and participate! Use MyBlogU to drive real people to your blog, every day, for 30 days and you’ll see great results!

Philip Turner @EP_pturner: Launch a new membership site

My target is to:

  • Set up a new membership site on a totally new domain (
  • Have 100 email subscribers by 1st February 2015
  • Have membership access set up with free and paid levels
  • Have 20 members (paid and free)

How we can help: I am sure our whole team will jump in to participate in Phil’s community once it’s set up. Phil has also set up membership diary to describe his steps and progress (wow!) I wish I had thought of that when setting up MyBlogU! I am sure we’ll see many projects from Phil asking to brainstorm on each step and we’ll help as much as we can!

Angela Alcorn @smange: 200 more subscribers

I want to gain subscribers for my new email list (for my new blog). Let’s say 200 more subscribers in the month of Jan. I’ve already got plenty of ideas for how I’ll do this, including some guest blogging opportunities lined up and a free guide ready to give away to subscribers. But I’ll have a big push of extra enthusiasm.

How we can help: The first project that comes to mind is some ideas on how to optimize your blog for lead generation. There are lots of tiny things that need to be optimized before working on increasing traffic. After that, I’d work on participating in group interviews (we have some project for that) as well as using Viral Content Buzz to boost traffic!

Liudas Butkus @leduxx: 200 visitors a day + 200 subscribers

My goal is to increase my daily traffic from an average of 70 visitors a day up to 200 visitors a day until February 1.

Also, add 200 subscribers to my email list.

How we can help: I think we can achieve that pretty easily by using Viral Content Buzz. Also, a few well-done group interviews with help of MyBlogU will help too! Here’s one I did that worked great for traffic!

Pamela Increase subscribers to 300 in 2015

My target is to:

  • I will increase subscribers to 300 in 2015.
  • I will extend my invitation to myblogu members to become guest bloggers.
  • I will create three articles a week and outsource someone to set up my auto-responder. I have not been successful with that.
  • I will also launch freelance writing services from my blog mid 2015.

How we can help: Again, the first step is optimizing your site for conversions. I’d definitely start by posting in forum “Help needed forum” to ask for help.

Lindsey F. Rainwater @LindseyAngels: Make $5000 a month

My blogging resolution for 2015 is to start making $5000 a month in my business. That will make us much more comfortable, and even allow my husband to not work as much – which means spending more time at home with our son, who is due in March.

I want to achieve this monthly income by selling books, maintaining a membership site, and selling coaching programs.

How we can help: Our Media Gallery should help with promoting books. I’d do some expert columns to promote coaching program. Create a new brainstorm project for more ideas!

HB Redbird @kcbusymom: 5,000 UVM and $500/mo

I will refine my focus and have 5,000 UVM on my blog and be making $500/mo with my Mar y Kay business.

How we can help: Both Viral Content Buzz and MyBlogU can help to accomplish that. And if you take part in 30-day challenge you’ll be motivated to use either daily (=results!)

Erica Martin @emartin1974: Publish more blog posts

My new years’ resolution is to post more blog posts on my blogs.

How we can help: MyBlogU will help with ideas and resources. Our members even partially write the articles to make it easier for you!

Cormac @BrightonCormac: Publish more blog posts + build following

More on-site blogs and more focus on building a social media presence – it’s just that simple. I’m awfully lacklustre when it comes to blog posting

How we can help: I use MyBlogU for content productivity (both brainstorms and Interviews) and our Twitter chats for following building. We run two chats every week: #VCBuzz is on Tuesdays 12 pm EST and #MyBlogU is on Thursdays 11 am EST

Edwin Dearborn @edwindearborn: Better target my audience

My blogging resolution is to better comprehend what my target audience truly desires and then deliver to them the most helpful content that I could ever create.

How we can help: There was an idea on using MyBlogU brainstorm section for surveying your readers (as well as getting help from our members too). I’d give it a try in this case. I also think Google Plus polls should help too!

Avik Chatterjee @kiva79: Regain back the site traffic

At one point of time used to have more than 3000 site visitors a month with 200 visitors per day. Lately this has reduced to about 1200-1500 visitors a month. Want to regain that back.

How we can help: There’s a thread in our private help we all can help today!

Greg DiVilbiss @GregDiVilbiss: Write one blog post per week

I also am planning on having written a book by July 1, 2015

Looking to get on a regular writing schedule too.

I have an idea for a book that will require people sending me stories regarding a particular event in their life. I need to try and figure out a way to reach these people.

How we can help: Definitely start using MyBlogU to post projects and reply to projects posted by others. It’s the most powerful inspiration tool!

Rajeev Bagra @splendiddigital: Make my site viable in terms of revenue through ads

Content should have a purpose. For, I want to come out with articles that are informative and add value. Unlike those who give premium to websites with little or no ads, I am open to ads (classified ads, Google AdSense, space selling, or affiliate links).

How we can help: Please start at “Help needed forum” to see if there is anything needs to be done before you can work on different monetization methods!

Fasalqureshi @web_greeter: Bring 1000 visitors to my blog

I run and would like to bring 1000 and more visitors on my blog related to automotive industry and hospitality.

How we can help: I’d start in our “Help needed forum” to ask for some blog feedback to make sure it’s ready for traffic.

Mathea Ford @RenalDietHQ: Build my blog traffic by 100%

I want to increase my traffic 100% by doing more content and increasing relevant guest posts.

How we can help: “Help needed forum” would help improve that social media appeal of the blog. I’d also use Brainstorms to get some fresh content ideas!

Columbia: 550 page views or more

To get up to 550 page views or more in March 2015.

How we can help: Creating a neat visually-appealing group interview with people sharing their diet tips could work really well in this case!

Anna fox @hirebloggers: At least one blog post a week

I am going to publish at least one blog post a week on my blog – time to get productive!

How we can help: Both Interviews and Brainstorms work great for Anna.

Patricia Weber @patweber: Earn 30% to 50% of my book advance by Feb 1

How we can help: Our Media Gallery can help! Also participating in Interviews and Brainstorms will increase citations and references.

Helen Hoefele @figmentations: Build up enough subject matter expertise & blogging credibility to apply to be a break-out session speaker 2016 New Media Expo (originally @BlogWorld)

Might as well go big, right? Why not? So, here goes: My New Year’s Resolution for blogging is to build up enough Subject Matter Expertise and Blogging Credibility to feel confident to apply to be a break-out session speaker at next year’s (2016) New Media Expo (originally BlogWorld).  I know this is an ambitious goal for me since up until now I haven’t even been able to consistently blog once a week nor stay focused on any one topic for more than a few months without stalling out.  But this year I am determined to give it a serious shot. Consistency of effort and stick-to-it-iveness seems to be a necessary (and missing) ingredient for me….so my goal is to figure that part out this year….

successfully participating in these MBU 30-day Challenges seems to be the perfect starting place.  Let’s see where this takes me (us). Looking forward to participating and accepting as much help along the way as possible.  Give me strength!  Thanks!

How we can help: @MyBlogU has worked great for me for improving my consistency and giving me motivation. Stick with us, and we’ll get you there! 😉

Jeffrey Romano @JeffreyRomano: 3 Blog Posts + 3 Guest Posts + New Resource for Subscribers

I will publish 3 blog posts on my own blog, I will also submit 3 guest posts for publication elsewhere (they don’t necessarily have to be published in January, just accepted). Finally, I shall launch a new resource for my present and future email subscribers.

How we can help: By posting new Brainstorm requests, you can both get great content ideas for your own blog and helpful contacts & referrals for your future guest contributions.

Ken Shenkman @KenShenkman: 5 new posts on the company blog, 3 new posts on personal blog + 100 new followers

My resolution is twofold:

1) To publish at least 5 new posts on my company blog ( that drive visitors and elicit at least 5 comments each.

2) To publish at least 3 posts on my new personal blog and develop a following of 100 people.


Both must be accomplished by  Feb 1 or I will have to hang my head in shame.

How we can help: Use Brainstorm requests to generate content ideas and collect some article snippets. If you ever lack time, create an Interview request (This produces a fully written article: All you need is an intro and maybe some editing!). Participate in our weekly Twitter chats for following building: #VCBuzz is on Tuesdays 12 pm EST and #MyBlogU is on Thursdays 11 am EST

Zero 2 Sales: A new blog + 500 unique visits a day & 1000 subscribers

I will start a blog and will have 500 unique visits a day and 1000 subscribers by March 1st, 2015.

How we can help: MyBlogU is full of experienced bloggers: Just create requests and participate in the forums to get lots of free advice!

 @cleverpedia @fogbutton: Daily blog updates + $100 in AdSense Earnings

My goal is to better keep up with my blog, (ideally posting daily), better integrate it with my Facebook page, and earn my first $100 from AdSense by March 1. (I’m currently at $42.)


I’m excited about this project and really glad I discovered MyBlogU!

How we can help: We can certainly help with posting frequency. Don’t forget to make a good use of MyBlogU Brainstorm section and tweet everything you do using #MBUstorm hashtag: That’s how we’ll keep you motivated! You are not alone!

Maxwell Ivey @maxwellivey: 2,000 Twitter followers by the end of February + 100 subscribers by Feb 1 + $1,000 by the end of January

Social media

I am happy with my progress except for twitter. I was going to set a goal of reaching 2000 followers. At that time i had 1472 and thought you would have to help me a lot to get there. But I took some actions. I eliminated people who were inactive, people who would never follow me back, and those who never post anything of value to me or my followers. Then I started retweeting other people’s post. I’m also making the effort to thank everyone who follows me. I now have 1785 followers. So, I’m setting a goal of 2,000 by the end of february and the end of the challenge and 5,000 by the end of 2015.

Email subscribers

I have only had an auto responder for four months. I have 35 followers with no incentive offered. However, I am getting half my emails opened and 20 percent of my links clicked; so at least they are loyal followers. So, naturally I want more loyal readers the kind of people who can’t wait to read what I’ve written visit my site or the sites i recommend and take actions. but I’d be lying if i said i didn’t want to have big numbers. So its down to setting a realistic goal. I think 100 by feb 1st and 500 by end of 2015 are doable. I know i need help coming up with offers. I’m considering offering the introduction of my ebook, the first chapter, and the first exercise to subscribers for free.


My goal is to be self sufficient. I’m not talking living like a rock star but paying my monthly bills plus the cost of traveling to attend face to face networking events, attend reasonably priced training sessions, purchase audio books, etc. I want to live and also have money to invest in myself. This means selling more copies of the ebook, writing another book, recording videos, doing hangouts, attracting coaching clients, booking speaking engagements, and the like. and knowing that I am blind and don’t currently have transportation this is going to be the hard one. I would say the goal is to earn at least $1,000 by end of Jan and to earn $1,500 or more a month by the end of the year.

How we can help: Those are great goals! A good start would be to ask in Brainstorm how to monetize your site more effectively. This would cover both newsletter subscription growing + getting more ideas to expand your options! To grow your Twitter following, participate in our weekly Twitter chats for following building: #VCBuzz is on Tuesdays 12 pm EST and #MyBlogU is on Thursdays 11 am EST. Good luck and we are here for you!

@liquid_think: 1000 Daily Unique Visits

Gain more Twitter and Facebook Followers/Likes and achieve 1000 Daily Unique Visits (Currently sitting at 250ish uniques/daily).

How we can help: Using MyBlogU to create sharable content and Viral Content Buzz to promote it, you’ll easily accomplish the goal. The main thing is to use both daily!

Jeevan Jacob John @DaringBlogger: Start and establish  Productivity projects + Start offering writing services

I had a good year – not a lot of blogging, but planned a lot of things. And my resolutions for the year are to achieve my plans, or take steps to achieve it.

I have two different resolutions,

1) Start and establish my Productivity projects – 2 different websites, one about time saving and another about wasting time (more productively).

I got the idea from my own experience. I noticed that I wasted a lot of time trying to find something to do (which isn’t exactly a good way to spend time). I might find something, but usually it also results in using up all my free time (which makes me cranky!).

So, I decided to start a project on that – a website wasting time more productively. I also got an idea to start a sister website on saving time more efficiently.

At this point, both of these are just in planning phases. I still have a lot to do before I can start building and launch these.

My second resolution is to start offering writing services. I have been wanting to do this for a while; I have got a lot of opportunities, which I had to turn on because I didn’t have the proper setup. I have to start a writing resume website (ideally integrate it with my blog – so, the blog’s main page would include both articles and a small portfolio for those who are interested in hiring me).

Lots of things to do, of course. I want to achieve both of these goals, by December 2015. Ideally, the first resolution should be partially done (setup and launch the websites) by July 2015.

As for the next 30 days – what I plan to do is develop my idea even further (for the first resolution – building two productivity websites). Try to identify more problem points (and try not to be like every other time management related website/blog out there).

Hopefully all of it goes well 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

How we can help: For the new sites, use our forums and Brainstorm section to guide you through every step (from theme feedback to content ideas). We are currently starting to promote our Writer’s database, so being there may help you bump up your services. And they say it already works!

Deepanshu Gahlaut @DpanshuGahlaut: Post two articles per week on my website

I’ve very simple story to tell – I’ve my personal blog – where I blog about  technology and my personal and professional life. But sometimes, I have no idea or topic to blog. When I look for Internet or tools like buzzsumo to get an idea, It feels that there are lots of material on the topic, would my content will solve the problem?

How we can help: Try our Brainstorm section to let people send you ideas!


Navneet @Javamazon: Find more authors for my blog

I am looking forward for more authors to join my blog to provide quality content . Currently my blog has 300+ contributors who do not contribute very often so i am looking foward for good number of regular authors who can contribute on regulat basis. Its hard to find quality authors who can contribute regularly but i have to plan to find them and request them to contribute regularly. Currently i known few of them and gather many more contributors.

How we can help: Feel free to try to find writers and experts to interview here

Steve Counsell @stevecounsell: A blog post a day

I’ve been running some SEo experiments to see how simple it really is to have a website rank for keywords and to improve traffic to the site. I’m also writing a book on DIY SEO and to get the creative juices flowing I have been asking for ideas on MyBlogU and have had some great responses.

To further the aim of really nailing down what SEO techniques work I’m taking up a challenge to write a blog post on SEO every day throughout January 2015. Each blog will be targeted at having people sign up for my mailing list to get advanced news and discounts on the upcoming book on DIY SEO.

The first blog on my own website will be on 1st January 2015 –

How we can help: Please make a good use of our Brainstorm section to let us suggest you some great ideas to blog about! You are going to need a lot of fresh ideas!

Leigh Langston @DangerousLee: 5,000 views/visitors or more a day

 I’d like ideas on what I should be doing to increase my readeship at DangerousLee.Biz. I have tried and am doing many things now. I would love to hear some fresh or out of the box examples of things I can try that are free or don’t cost a lot of money.

How we can help:The combination of MyBlogU-assisted content and ViralContentBuzz should work really well! Good luck and join the 30-day challenge to get consistent!

Deborah Anderson @socialwebcafe: 5 new columns to my writing portfolio by March 1, 2015

 My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to add five more publishers to my writing portfolio, where I am a regular contributor (i.e. two articles per month).

How we can help: I once posted in the Brainstorm asking for some contacts for outside contributions and got some absolutely priceless ideas!

Jason Darrell @JasonD1888: Create a huge *deliverable* content marketing strategy

You spend so much time working for your clients that your own blogs can get neglected. That’s certainly the case with me, and the fact that I’m missing opportunities has a very real impact upon my productivity. It’s time to put it write [sic].

But it’s not until you see the size of the task at hand that you realise the work involved in producing regular, quality content. And then there’s the small matter of distributing it across social in a meaningful manner that will make your efforts worthwhile.

This never became more apparent than when I started to build a mind-map for my own (much neglected) blog properties, which I’m vowing to show some much needed TLC in 2015:
contentSee what I mean? It makes London Underground look like a one-way street.

The task does get simpler when you break it down. For example, I’ve been using my Quora answers to form the basis of my blog. There are instances on Google+ and Reddit that supply fodder, too. And whilst is a distribution platform, it’s also a source of topical content, too.

What I have realised is that without Hootsuite Pro, I’d be going nowhere. Over the Christmas holiday, I plugged all my main RSS feeds into one stream, including my ezine, Freelancer Plus. I’ve also sorted out my own social pages within the Hootsuite dashboard; well, at least those available.

Finally, I’ve popped in a few of the free apps that let me stream my main topics and interests from Reddit and StumbleUpon respectively and my saved base material from Evernote (see stage three, below). Stage One, collating sources, is therefore complete.

This mind-map is Stage Two – I’m going to enter weekly dates (however unrealistic at this stage) and export that info across to my Google Calendar. This is achievable through SubTask, the software I’m using to build the mind-map in the first instance. That’ll be stage two done.

Stage three, the composition of the posts, I’m using Evernote to store base material. But not everything I find is going to be the most relevant content. Social listening will play a big part in searching for trends that are popular with my followers. If they’re not, what’s the point unless you’re introducing a brand new concept to the market?

For Stage four, social distribution, I have created a social sharing template for clients (see attached), but it needs some work to meet these new demands.

Where MyBlogU will come in handy is with the additional information I need to create the posts. Whether members would like to:


  • contribute a guest post (to any property, but F+ has a guest post facility and the content appears in the ezine);
  • brainstorm ideas that are trending (but with which I’m not familiar);
  • or suggest tools and/or amendments to the strategy as a whole, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve got a completely open mind and am willing to consider all and any constructive suggestions. Citations and credits, +mentions and @Tweets to my 22k (almost) G+ followers/750 Twitterers goes without saying.

So, there you have it. My blogging New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve got a hat to throw in, the ring is officially open. I look forward very much to meeting you all. Ooh, and a very happy 2015!

How we can help: WOW! Just wow! I guess Jason got a good feel of how we can help, so let’s get  to work now!

Sharon Hurley Hall @SHurleyHall: More Professional Blogging

My blogging resolution for 2015 is to create more content that my clients will want to read. In the past, I’ve focused on writing for other writers. This year, I hope to achieve a better balance. I also plan to blog more on LinkedIn.

How we can help: Our community is great for maintaining balance and keeping sanity. Using Brainstorms section you can actually have half of the article written for you by contributors providing quotes and ideas.

Don’t forget that your daily steps may include helping each other at MyBlogU as well!

After that we’ll collect the next batch of submitted resolutions and cover them here. Stay tuned!

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  1. It is really an inspiration to see all of the people working side by side to support each other in their goals. I truly appreciate Ann Smarty for putting this all together.

    I look forward to breaking free of the fears and stresses of writing and seeing each one of you hitting objective after objective.

    If I can support you in some way feel free to contact me


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