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Find Your New Niche & Win $500: Summer #MBUstorm #MyblogU

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Win $500 by brainstorming daily![You can watch our participants on Twitter and/or join us for fun, relationship-building and education purposes!]

And we are back with our season #MBUstorm challenge!

[The 30-day #MBUstorm challenge happens 4 times a year. Please keep an eye on the upcoming one here]

As always, you’ll be brainstorming at for 30 days, every day, and win $500

This one will be a bit different than the previous challenges: This time the end goal would be for you to discover (and share with us) a new niche you’d be willing to start blogging in.

Here’s the deal: IN early autumn we are looking to launch a new mega contest: Start a new site, work on it for a year, build an income, share your process and your results. This will be an incredibly exciting contest we are hoping will get you new streams of revenue!

So we’ve decided to use these summer months to let you come up with that topic you’d like to devote yourself to… Feel free to use our help (Create projects, explore questions): This is your unique opportunity to re-discover yourself!

[Note: While you’ll be requested to share your new niche idea you’d be willing to start a blog in, you are not required to enter our autumn contest. It will be up to you!]

As always, you’ll be expected to brainstorm daily and your daily activity should not always be about the main topic of this challenge. You can answer other people’s projects which are in no way helping you find your new niche.

Just keep the end goal at the back of your mind throughout these 30 days and share what you have come up with at the end!

So, let’s sum this up:

To participate:

  1. Use* MyBlogU Brainstorm / Interviews / Articles sections every day for 30 days
  2. Whatever you do, tweet** it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILYMBUstorm checklist
  3. Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience. Win great prizes!

Download and print your #MBUstorm calendar to record everything you do. Just check off those boxes daily!

You can install the official WordPress plugin to make it easier (it will deliver your notifications and to-do list right to your WordPress dashboard)! But keep in mind that the web version is much more advanced (we’ll be developing the plugin once the web functionality is properly tested out)

>>>>>Submit your Challenge results by August 25: We will collect submissions and choose the winner using during our LIVE Google Hangouts on Air (to be announced on August 27 during our August #myblogu Twitter chat!)!<<<<<

That means that you can start your challenge any day between July 9 and July 26 to be able to submit your results by August 25 – however obviously it’s better to start TODAY!

Watch Brainstorm section tutorial here

 Learn about the types of Brainstorm requests you can create here

udemy Take our free Udemy course to better understand how MyBlogU works!

* Here are just a few of the things you can do in the MyBlogU Brainstorm! This can be any activity you feel like, for example:

  • Create a brainstorm project of your own
  • Approve/reject any idea that was sent to you through your MBU project
  • Send someone an idea: Help fellow @MyBlogU users!
  • myblogu articlesWrite a new article for your blog including MyBlogU members’ ideas and referencing them
  • Use the Articles section to help others make your articles better OR upload your own articles there and invite collaborators!

**Don’t forget to tweet ANYTHING you do using #mbustorm hashtag. That’s how you qualify to participate (and that’s what makes this Challenge FUN!)

All your tweets will be archived in this Twitter room, so we’ll know if you miss a day ? Not to be negative here, but we do have the ability to verify your MyBlogU activity through the admin backend: Please don’t cheat!

The prizes

The winner will be determined by during our LIVE #myblogu Google Plus Hangout on Air!

The grand prize is $500

Every participant will get 200 free credits at ViralContentBuzz to promote their content for free for lots of shares and traffic!

17 Responses so far.

  1. Good idea to buy the domain as soon as niche found – Can always spend summer writing content in Word ready to post when Autumn contest is live. Thanks for clarifying this Ann

    • annsmarty says:

      It’s only fair to let participants buy domains: It’s easy to miss a good one if you wait! Plus, it’s all how early you start that gives you the competitive advantage. It’s how smart you move forward! 🙂

  2. Kari says:

    I know I said this last time, but the challenge is perfect timing for me. I’ve been having a tough time motivating myself these past few weeks, and I’ve been wanting to start something new and exciting. Both challenges play into that! Let’s do this!

  3. Elaine says:

    I’ve had to take some time out since the last challenge. Like Kari I’ve had a downturn in motivation and will use this challenge to get me back on track. The thought of the autumn challenge is making my brain explode!!

  4. Hi, Ann. I enjoyed participating in the last challenge. It was fun to connect with other bloggers and my traffic increased. However, I’m not looking to start a new niche at this time. I’m firmly entrenched in blogging for exhausted home-based business owners. Would you still be open to my participating even though I don’t have the same end goal?

    • annsmarty says:

      Well, you don’t have to start a new blog but you need to come up with an interesting niche to qualify for the prize… Maybe someone else will grab it to go to the next contest if you don’t want to 🙂

      Would love to have you with us this time!

  5. Victor says:

    I will surely be participating in this awesome contest. I hope find a new member niche as well as taken the grand prize:).
    Thanks for sharing… I really appreciate it.

  6. This is my first time to participate in a blogging contest in the hopes of not only finding the best niche for me, but also build relationships with bloggers from MyBlogU. Hope to meet you all soon!

  7. Acord says:

    This is a very interesting offer. I already start thinking about how I can take part in it!
    As a matter of fact, many people have numerous fascinating ideas for web sites. Often one has to choose between interesting ideas and hobby which bring no income or the ones which are profitable but not one’s cup of tea.

  8. Janvaris says:

    Can you be chosen as a winner even if you are not at the Live google hangout?

    • annsmarty says:

      Absolutely, going to the hangoit is not required… Brainstorming for 30 days + tweeting daily IS required

  9. Elaine says:

    Would a private membership site count for a new niche and for the competition over the next year or does it have to be a blog?

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