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#MBUstorm 30-Day Brainstorm Challenge [September] #myblogu

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mbustorm-challengeAnnouncing the 30-day MyBlogU Brainstorm Challenge – a way to collect great ideas and create EPIC content based on them!

Spur your creativity, make great friends, gain exposure … (and WIN CASH!)

[The 30-day #MBUstorm challenge happens 4 times a year. Please keep an eye on the upcoming one here]

To participate:

  1. Use* MyBlogU Brainstorm section every day for 30 days
  2. Whatever you do, tweet** it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILY
  3. Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience here. Win great prizes!

>>>>>Submit your Challenge results by October 26: We will collect submissions and choose the winner (to be announced on October 30)!<<<<<

That means that you can start your challenge any day between September 18 and September 26 to be able to submit your results by October 26 – however obviously it’s better to start TODAY!

Watch Brainstorm section tutorial here

 Learn about the types of Brainstorm requests you can create here

udemy Take our free Udemy course to better understand how MyBlogU works!

* Here are just a few of the things you can do in the MyBlogU Brainstorm! This can be any activity you feel like, for example:

  • Create a brainstorm project of your own
  • Approve/reject any idea that was sent to you through your MBU project
  • Send someone an idea: Help fellow @MyBlogU users!
  • Help promote someone’s brainstorm project on social media (or invite friends to help if you know they are good at that topic)

**Don’t forget to tweet ANYTHING you do using #mbustorm hashtag. That’s how you qualify to participate (and that’s what makes this Challenge FUN!)

All your tweets will be archived in this Twitter room, so we’ll know if you miss a day 😉 Not to be negative here, but we do have the ability to verify your MyBlogU activity through the admin backend: Please don’t cheat!

Win great prizes

  • Gold winner: We’ll let our community select the best brainstormer, and we will send him/her $800 using PayPal!
  • Winners: We have more great prizes*** for you!
  • Everyone who participate: Free social media promotion of each article created through MyBlogU Brainstorm section using ViralContentBuzz!

Once the Challenge is over, we’ll publish your #MBUstorm Challenge on the MyBlogU blog and ask our Community to select the winners through a public poll!

But, are the prizes really THE most important thing here? We are offering you something better: The ability to spur your creativity, make great friends, and gain exposure!

#MBUStorm Challenge Partners:

mbustorm-partnersThese are the MyBlogU-recommended services that agreed to support our Challenge winners.

We hand-picked these GREAT sites because we love what they do. We use these tools every day and encourage you to do the same:

  • BuzzSumo is giving away a 6-month membership to their brand new (and totally awesome!) PRO membership ($594 worth!): Manage your brand like a PRO.
  • is offering a free 12-month membership to their PRO plan ($99 value!). Create and send beautiful newsletters, brand and customize your paper, custom domain and more!
  • Cyfe is giving away their FREE 6-month PRO membership ($114 value!) to their platform which I highly recommend for social media analytics monitoring and reputation management. Here’s how to use Cyfe to build an ultimate social media dashboard! This tool is one of my secret productivity boosters!
  • is giving away 3 FREE usability tests ($147 worth!) to help you improve your conversions and get the most of the traffic we are helping you to drive! Usertesting is my only recommended user experience testing solution!
  • Shareaholic is our media partner! Download the Shareaholic for WordPress plugin: That’s what we use here at MyBlogU for our Related Content, Share Buttons, and Social Analytics platform!
  • CyBranding is giving away their Hashtag Intelligence “Business” plan (6 months: $414 value!): Rock Twitter, find influencers, and more!
  • Circloscope is giving away their PRO account to one of the #MBUstorm winners: I can’t recommend this tool enough! You’ll become Google Plus influencer after using this tool for 6 months!
  • ViralContentBuzz is giving 100 FREE credits to each article that comes from the MyBlogU “Brainstorm” section: Don’t forget to mark your ideas as “approved” and provide the URL where you used the idea (and preferably referenced the idea author). This will push your traffic and shares through the roof! 🙂

Note: How many of FREE accounts every winner will get will depend on how many people will participate. Obviously, we’ll do our best to reward EVERYONE who will successfully go through the whole challenge


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