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Merry Christmas from #MyBlogU!

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christmas-2015It’s Christmas Eve today and obviously we won’t take too much of your time. We realize these are the days you want to spend with your family and friends sharing holiday cheer and love!

In the spirit of these wonderful holidays, let us just say that we love you, our community, and we appreciate everything you are doing to help us build this place based on such great concepts as mutual help and genuine connections.

If you are not yet part of this wonderful community or if you would like to know how else we can help you grow, we’d like to share our free tools and resources we’ve built over time. Please share them with your (blogging) friends because these tools can help all the difference in their careers and personal growth:

There’s nothing like being helped by total strangers you meet online. There’s nothing like seeing those total strangers become your friends and partners. We want to believe that our platform connects people and change lives for the better!

We’ll see you next week to share our community monthly success at our #MyblogU Push Thursday, 11 AM EST.

Merry Christmas!

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