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#MyBlogU August Results and Updates!

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join-mybloguAnother exciting month is almost over! We’ve been working hard improving functionality and still have a long way to go! But we are pretty excited so far!

Let’s share this month’s updates:

Notable @MyBlogU mentions

Features We Have Added This Month

  • Email digests of new projects: Please customize your subscriptions here! You can select the categories and the frequency.
  • More diverse media formats (to be tested). You can now add your infographics, videos and digital books! Do that now as the next step would be suggesting users “related media” to include in the article (This will also be included in our WP plugin one day). This is going to be a GREAT way to bring your digital assets to bloggers to reference in their articles!
  • More options to format your group interview nicely (to be improved but here’s the list so far)

What Gets Created with Help Of MyBlogU

Here are some of the recent examples of articles that get inspired and created thanks to @MyBlogU users’ help:

Inspire and get inspired! You are not alone! Join

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