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They say Build quality content and they will come

And you kept building but no one came!

Are you Tired of people telling you WHAT to do instead of HOW to do that?

Are you Tired of People Telling you the *RULES* Instead of Giving you the *TOOLS*?

We are here to make a difference

*MyBlogU* is the only content marketing platform that educates AND gives you the tools to accomplish all your content marketing goals

MyBlogU is the innovative community of writers and bloggers who are eager to exchange their case studies, digital assets, expertise and knowledge to help each and get help in return!

MyBlogU key features include:

MyBLogU concept

Brainstorming projects

You can add your own projects to ask the community for some help with unique angles, ideas and resources for the topic you were thinking to write about. We all know that many heads are better than one and that’s what we do: we connect you to more people who love your topic to brainstorm together!


You can easily collect quotes from other people on any topic you want Add as many questions as you need to get some insights on any of them. You can also participate in interviews requested by other members. Group interviews are a great way to generate unique content as well as get some expert opinions from people in your industry. On the other hand, participating in interviews lets you build you brand and authority, get cited and build relationships!


Any time you are writing a blog post, come here to find some impressive media to beautify your article. we help your content stand out! You can upload your own digital asset here as well for others to use and reference in their articles. Give your digital assets higher chances to get noticed by the content creators!

We give your content wings! We give you an opportunity to build your brand and relationships by connecting bloggers, brands and content marketers.

We give you the TOOLS while showing you the best-working RULES of content marketing!

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24 Responses so far.

  1. Care Mycue says:

    How amazing are you to create such a great community?!? I am so excited to connect and collaborate with others on this inspired forum. Thank you so much!

  2. rotimi orims says:

    This is a very impressive idea. I am looking forward to see it succeed.
    As for this question, “Are you Tired of people telling you WHAT to do instead of HOW to do that?”
    Oh gosh! I really feel that.

  3. Haroun Kola says:

    Sounds great. I’m signing up to see how it works.

  4. charmis says:

    It’s always been a pleasure to be a part of Ann samrty’s project,
    i have been following her since my blog quest started, and i am sure this is a great platform to get genuine interactions as well.


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  6. […] they can connect with peers, get media exposure, and learn how to create better content.  You can learn more about MyBlogU here, and you can join for free!  Watch this video to learn more about […]

  7. That sounds interesting but what if I share my idea about my future post but somebody uses it for creating his own post? Is there some sort of protection for such cases?

    • annsmarty says:

      Better use that idea for yourself first. We can’t prevent the blogger to use the suggested idea if he/she liked it 😉

  8. […] This should be a wonderful hour as I’ve been wanting to get Scott on to co-host #Blogchat for a long time.  Thank you again to Ann Smarty and the team at MyBlogU for sponsoring #Blogchat this month!  You can learn more about MyBlogU here. […]

  9. […] This Sunday (8-24-2014) we’ll welcome Ann Smarty to #Blogchat!  Ann will be helping us learn how as bloggers we can get more interview requests from other bloggers and sites.  Ann’s MyBlogU is the #Blogchat sponsor for August, you can learn more about MyBlogU by clicking here. […]

  10. […] Note from Mack: This is a sponsored post from Ann Smarty for MyBlogU, who is the sponsor of #Blogchat in August.  You can learn more about them by clicking here.  […]

  11. Just joined this past weekend. I really look forward to digging in and improving my blogging skills and contributing to your success as well.

    Make it a great one!

  12. Khalid Irfan says:

    Yet another superb work by Annsmarty and team, looking forward to have active participation and grow my network by spending more time with epic people here 🙂

  13. Helen says:

    Thanks for the invitation, I use it

  14. Inside Tradr says:

    Added MyBlogU to our recent post, on how to generate content to drive more traffic to small business websites.

    Let me know if you are ok with that. This place has a brilliant community vibe!


    Inside Tradr (blog)

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  16. Stéphanie says:

    I’ll give it a try. That sounds very interesting. And I’m really fed up with people working alone and against each other !!! I’ve always been an ardent partisan of collaborative management. It worked so much with my different staffs, but my boss and manager colleagues have always thought only about their own interest.

  17. Akshar Mohan says:

    Ann, You’re really awesome. Thanks for such a great Platform to think and connect with others and work for better together.

  18. Brece Mark says:

    I am a big fan of your blog. I had read many of your great articles and learn great techniques and methods to do proper research. This information again is very interesting and all case studies are very inspiring.

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