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#MyBlogU Community Achievements This March!

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march-2016We’ve had a great month discussing influencer marketing every week and learning to use new tactics, tools and hacks.

Let’s list some of our favorite links for the month!

March Twitter Chats

All April chats will be dedicated to visual marketing: Lots of tools, tips and resources not to miss! Join us every Thursday 11 AM EST / 3 PM GMT here.

March MyBlogU Mentions

Here’s MyBlogU being featured in March press: We appreciate all the mentions!

And a couple of mentions for our older bee sister:

Content We’ve Collaborated on in March

Thanks for being with us!

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  1. Hey Ann! So honored to feature among your list of collaborative content! I don’t know what I would do without the MBU community — the human world is so big. 🙂


    Note: Selina Hydron is a fictional character created and role-played by Luana Spinetti ( for the blog.

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