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Make Blogging Enjoyable with #MyBlogU

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blogging-enjoyable-mybloguLast week we shared some tips on how to turn blogging into a habit to easier and more naturally stick to the schedule.

While some of our contributors mentioned how @MyBlogU could help with that, lets discuss our features again because showing you how to succeed and enjoy blogging is what we do!

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1. Save Time Brainstorming & Researching

We all know that brainstorming and research takes almost 70% of time you spend on the article creation. With MyBlogU, you save that time: Just create a project, ask exactly what you want and generate ideas, research, etc

MyBlogU ideas

Those snippets MyBlogU users send to you are original content, so you can copy-paste them to your article. This way your article almost writes itself! Don’t forget to edit and thank your contributors!

Read my own case study here: MyBlogU: My secret to writing a lot (ummm I mean even MORE:))

As Kari @RelationshipCir put it:

Using MyBlogU becomes a habit in itself because it is such a great way to brainstorm, develop unique and interesting content, and get social and post interaction that helps your blog reach an audience. Essentially, MyBlogU makes blogging easier, more fun, and more rewarding, and when that happens it is easier to stick to a blogging routine.

2. Receive Notes, Reminders, Heads-up

At MyBlogU we work hard to keep you updated and remind of important plans and deadlines. From personal experience, an email is the best productivity tool: It’s there until the task is done!

Some automatic notifications include:

  • When someone sent you an idea
  • When the interview will soon become overdue
  • When your project has ideas you haven’t reviewed for more than two weeks
  • When your to-do list item is due

MyBlogU: Your To-Do List

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3. Feel More Obliged to Publish

It is much easier to stick to the schedule when you know other people are waiting for the result.

It’s my biggest writing productivity trick: When I need to write an article, I’ll give a promise to someone and set myself a deadline. With MyBlogU you have both: (1) People who are waiting for you to put the article together and (2) Tools to keep track of your deadlines!

4. Feel More Motivated Because You See Actual Results

The biggest struggle of a blogger is when he/she feels like no one is there listening. They keep blogging seeing no shares or comments. It’s easy to get burnt fast that way.

MyBlogU changes that for anyone: Start using MyBlogU users’ ideas or put together an expert interview and suddenly you have real people contributing to your articles and then commenting and sharing it.

Knowing that you are not alone is a huge motivational and inspirational factor. That’s how a task becomes an enjoyable habit!

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5. Challenge Yourself for 30 Days with #MBUstorm

Our quarterly blogging challenge (which is also a contest) gives you a unique opportunity to keep working on your site every day, for 30 days. The idea is, by the time the four weeks are over, you’ll be addicted to your blog and you’ll find it much easier to keep consistently working on it.

Read more: MyBlogU Means Big Things for Little Blogs (#MBUstorm) by @TheSavingsOpp

Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter chats for the next #MBUstorm announcement in early spring.

Here’s what our challenge taker Dr Elaine Nicholls @Nicholls_Dr had to say about her #MBUstorm experience:

The MBUstorm event has challenged me to use myblogu everyday and this in turn has helped me to work on my blog every day. There are times when I can happily sit down and churn out some content but there are other days when I’m feeling tired or uninspired and it can be difficult to write. On these days myblogu has made a huge difference as I have a collection of ideas to inspire me. If I’m still not feeling inspired to write original content I can use the answers from an interview to put an article together. This has increased my writing output. I have been more regular posting new content on my blog and over the next few months I want to test the best times and days to post different types of content.

I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking of ideas and responding to interviews on myblogu. Sometimes this has actually led to new ideas for my own blog or in other bloggers writing related articles supporting content on my blog. There is a wide range of topics people are writing about and it is really fun to contribute.

The sense of community on myblogu together with the challenge commitment to use twitter every day has also helped me to put more effort into social media. Making connections with other people working in a similar way stops you feeling so lonely and makes you feel like you have some support. It has been great to see the content produced by others in the myblogu community and to have interesting articles to share.

Myblogu is now a permanent feature of my daily to do list!

How are you using @MyBlogU to be a motivated and inspired blogger?

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