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How to Use #MyBlogU Interviews Section to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

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myblogu-interviews-content-marketingWe have already described possible ways to leverage MyBlogU “Brainstorm” section (Examples: Find different angles for your topic idea, get suggested awesome guests for your podcast interview or Google Hangout, etc)

Today, let’s talk about another feature of the site: Group Interviews

Again, this feature will evolve with time but let’s first see how it’s different from the Brainstorms:

MBU Brainstorms

MBU Interviews




One project can result in lots of articles



Users anser specific narrow questions



One project per site

Yes (for now)

Yes (for now)

In short, Brainstorm section is a more loose / flexible feature that collects ideas you are getting from the feature for you to reference them any time when you are stuck.

Interviews are just that: Question-answer section where niche experts are invited to answer specific questions until a set deadline.

The fact that the feature is less flexible doesn’t mean it cannot be used in a variety of ways. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Use it to generate a separate article

MyBlogU can become the source of high-quality, highly-sharable free content generated from a group of eager experts.


Here’s a good example of a group interview that was turned into a separate article.

Here are some ideas of how you can name that article (submitted by our members through my MyBlogU interview project):

Ideas from Don Sturgill @Don_Sturgill (Our ambassador)

State the benefit in the title. Use the first paragraph to introduce the manor and participants.


  • How to Triple Your Productivity: Practical Advice From the Trenches
  • Getting Things Done: Real Solutions You Can Act on Today

Ideas from Philtrate @EP_pturner (Our moderator and ambassador)

  • wikideas
  • wikiview
  • overview
  • ask the experts
  • expert views

paulIdeas from Paul Manwaring @IMHBlog (Our awesome user)

  • “Inside the mind of………..”
  • “Think like a…….”
  • “Talk is never cheap…….”

A word of caution: Don’t overuse group interviews though. Too many group interviews will quickly overload your editorial schedule. For a pretty active blog, publishing an interview a month is good, but not more.

A better way to use group interview is the following (the above mini-interview is actually this method #2 in action!):

2. Collect quotes for only part of the article

Let’s say you are writing a huge “epic” article on losing weight. You include tips, research, calorie cheatsheets, etc. One of the sections of this grand work would be perfect for “personal case studies” which you can easily collect using MyBlogU

In short, this is well-illustrated by this cheatsheet:

MyBlogU cheatsheet

Here’s a good example: Talking about authority @top5seo mentions MyBlogU and gives the list of first-hand experience with it.

This is a great way to make your article more indepth and trustworthy as well as enroll those included experts into promoting the published article.

3. Collect quotes to convert your readers

Just a random idea but could be a good one to better leverage the feature.

Let’s say you have developed a course on how to use Pinterest to build traffic. Now, one way to promote it would be collect experts’ case studies who are currently generating good traffic from Pinterest. After listing those case studies, you can beautifully funnel your readers into opting in your email list aka “Would you like to know HOW to succeed on Pinterest, subscribe!”

That’s something I was doing long ago to promote #myblogguest: I was publishing really outstanding guest blogging case studies and invited readers to my platform. Case studies and personal opinions = WIN!

Here’s a good example of that accomplished using @MyBlogU. Erik listed opinions and personal stories on why we love blogging communities and then invited readers to this.

4. Find more guests for your Twitter chat

Twitter interviewAnother newer option is to enable a “Twitter chat” to go with the group expert interviews. Even when they are not too huge, Twitter chats work great for connecting with influencers, extending your reach and branding your hashtag.

MyBlogU helps you pick up more people for your upcoming Twitter chat and even help you run it. There’s absolutely no alternative to this service we are happy to provide for free.

Here’s a recent example of a group interview followed by a fun Twitter meeting.

Are there more ideas to use @MyBlogU Interviews section? We are collecting user ideas and case studies via this brainstorm project: Please share yours!

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