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MyBlogU is Looking for Brand Ambassadors #myblogu

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mybloguWelcome to our Twitter chat to celebrate our brand new hashtag!

==> Please join us here:

Last week we officially launched our platform for beta testing. Please register at to give it a test run!

For our first Twitter chat I have selected a special topic: We are really willing to start by developing @myblogu Ambassador program!

Who is @MyBlogU Ambassador?

@MyBlogU Ambassador is basically:

  • Someone we would like to keep in touch with more often
  • Someone who will know more about our platform than other members
  • Someone we’d ping on the site updates earlier than the rest of the world
  • Someone who would become an early adopter, advocate and ultimately the master of our growing community

What is it there for me?

Anyone who has ever dealt with me knows that I’ll do anything for people who believe in what I do…

The list of the program benefits will be ever growing.

As of now, we’ll create a private Google Plus community for ambassadors and will help them with anything you may need: Shares? Questions? Guidelines?

We’d like our ambassadors to become a friendly family and help each other too!

Are there any requirements?

As of now, we don’t ask for anything beyond being passionate / excited about what we are building here…

How many members are you looking for?

At the beginning while we are still testing the process, we will need ~20 people. After that, we’ll make a pause and try to determine the best ways to effectively cooperate. Then we’ll open the program again.

How do I apply?

Please post in the forum [This thread is available for MBU logged-in users only]

MyBlogU ambassador

What if I’d like to help but have no time to participate?

No problem! Let’s keep in touch!

  • Please join to keep an eye on what we are doing (and participate when you have time!)
  • Please follow MyBlogU on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube
  • Please add our hashtag #myblogu to your Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to jump in if you are here!

Let’s keep in touch!

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