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#MyBlogU September Updates and Why U Are Awesome :)

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myblogu-three-monthsThird month of MyBlogU! Our baby is growing up!

Let’s see what we have been doing this month, shall we?

1. Challenge

You still have time to join, until tomorrow, September 26!

Please proceed to this article to get the details:

  1. Use* MyBlogU Brainstorm section every day for 30 days
  2. Whatever you do, tweet** it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILY
  3. Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience here. Win great prizes!

Easy, fun and a great opportunity to become a better content marketer while having a chance to win cash! Isn’t that lovely?

Just a few words about our GOLD sponsors: These are ALL our favorite tools that we use on a regular basis, so we decided to give you a chance to use them more free as well! Let’s all thank @BuzzSumo, @paper_li, @Cyfe, @Shareaholic and @usertesting for their AWESOME support!

2. New features

  • Writers’ database! MyBlogU rank reflects how much useful insight you have provided to our members, so why not use it to give you more exposure? As the first step we have created the new database where the writers can get featured. We will then be marketing it and promoting to generate some leads for you. We’ll also give away monthly prizes to most active and useful writers! To get included, please complete this form (it’s on your profile)

  • Media gallery! We haven’t announced that officially yet but we added eBooks and Videos (with infographics already being there). The plan is that when we build our WordPress plugin, we’ll suggest related media whenever someone is composing a post giving you more exposure! If you have any digital assets (videos, infographics, eBooks), please add them to our gallery now!

3. Featuring our users’ hard work!

Where did our Brainstorm ideas find home? Here are some examples of articles that got born thanks to our awesome members!

We’ve had a few great expert interviews going live:

4. Coverage

I was honored to be featured on some of the greatest blogs I am aware of where I had the opportunity to mention MyBlogU. Please support those efforts by sharing those as well!

Thanks for building this awesome community with us!

One Response so far.

  1. Rajeev Bagra says:

    MyBlogU Team,

    Here is a post that I have written some time back and could not resist to cite here:

    U are awesome

    We and I include me and so maybe selfish at times. You eliminates personal interest. Anyone opposite I needs to be respected. There is a decorum: ‘I and you like each other’ is not acceptable English. It should be ‘you and I like each other.’

    U and V-shaped costumes compete when decorating for the neck of someone special. V is sharp, pointed downside; U flexible and natural shape taken of neck garland.

    You is also special in the sense that in front of you I say ‘you are special,’ not ‘you is special.’

    (originally U on my blog, but that’s how brainstorming gives new ideas)

    Rajeev Bagra

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