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Myths about Participating in Expert Interviews & Content Collaboration #myblogu

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expert-interview-mythsLast week I got expired by this article by @amabaie listing some expert interview myths, so I decided to write a follow-up…

Since the topic of expert interviews has become so hot lately (and we at MyBlogU expand it even more: We talk about content collaboration in general, not just expert interviews), I’ve decided to list some myths about actually participating in the blog interviews:

1. Myth: “It’s a waste of time”

There are people claiming that anything that doesn’t bring direct income is a waste of time, that doing anything for free is a waste of time and you’d better focus on what matters what, otherwise you are lacking focus.

And it even seems to work for some people (I don’t know such people personally but I’ve read their stories online)… If these people exist – those that know exactly what to focus on and what to do to earn money now – I envy them.

That’s not how I roll: After almost 8 years of doing business online, launching startups, building my own business, managing ninjas’ brand, after all these years I am still hungry for new opportunities.

Looking back, anything that has ever worked for me, started as something unknown and new, something I had no time for and something I lost focus for.

Contributing free content and helping others may be considered a waste of time by some people (and they may even be right) but for most of us, these activities bring recognition and create new opportunities. Ultimately, some of those opportunities turn into money gigs or new career paths.

That being said, it’s up to every person to decide if that’s a myth or not, if collaborating and helping is a waste of time.

To me, it’s all I do, day and night…

2. Myth: “You have to participate in as many as possible”

While it contradicts with the first one, the two myths co-exist quite actively.

While I do personally try to pursue as many opportunities as I can (because… serendipity…), at some point it becomes impossible:

  • You have to have life: It’s the question of priorities. Whatever you cannot do is left behind and since most of the interview / collaboration requests are time-sensitive, I am forced to miss some
  • You can’t put quantity above quality: It’s the ground rule for everything, not just expert interviews. Unless you have anything worthy to contribute, you pass on that opportunity. You can’t contribute for the sake of contributing. Expert interviews (like anything else under the sun) only work if you provide quality: Otherwise it’s a wasted time.

3. Myth: “You’d better ignore pitches from people you don’t know…”

“Cold calling” is the term I dislike using when talking about building relationships and pursuing new opportunities. I don’t like being pitched with promotional or commercial offers where the only goal is to get me spend my money.

But how does it apply to collaborating and networking? How are you going to expand your connections if you are willing to only reply to people you already know?

I say if you want to succeed in building your business and brand, welcome cold calls. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to include “For Media Inquiries” section to your “About me page” or a standalone “For press” page describing which opportunities you are open to and how to contact you with pitches.

Some of my longest online business relationships started with such a “cold call”: Because, again, serendipity!

Are there any other content collaboration myths you’d like to discuss? Please share!

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