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New Awesome Coverage + Lots of Activity at #MyBlogU (October Update)

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myblogu-octoberOctober was a special month for us: We closed our very first brainstorming challenge which will now be a recurring event! We loved the results, participation and activity around it. Turning a contest into a challenge has worked very well: We could connect to the participants through the hashtag which was a great feeling!

The winners are still to be announced, please choose your favorite story here. I did participate as well (even though the contest was in the middle of my biggest speaking event of the year, #Pubcon… ), however I didn’t provide my story in order not to compete with our awesome contestants (not that I hoped I’d win; I just didn’t want to try)!

The challenge did work exceptionally well for me: I got much more productive and much more inspired thanks to brainstorming and reviewing ideas daily! You can read about my writing productivity secret here.

Now, let’s go through some of our MyBlogU October moments to take a peak into what we’ve been doing!

Featured Coverage and Mentions

A Few of the Awesome Articles that Got Created through MyBlogU Collective Thinking & Writing

Thanks for your support and for joining us in building @MyBlogU!

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