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Let Your New Year’s Resolution Happen + Win $1000 #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

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[Update: Winter winners are announced here]

[The 30-day #MBUstorm challenge happens 4 times a year. Please keep an eye on the upcoming one here]

Here’s how it works:

*** Join MyBlogU ***

1. Define your blogging New Year’s resolution we can help you with (examples) and submit it here.

2. Use MyBlogU *every day* for 30 days to accomplish something towards your goal (or help others accomplish theirs!), for example:

  • Create projects in the Brainstorm section to get our users help you get closer to your goal
  • Approve and reject ideas
  • Send someone ideas to help (we achieve our goals collectively here!)
  • Generate the expert interview in the Interviews section to help you with steps, personal experiences, etc
  • Publish an article based on your Brainstorm or Interview projects
  • Ask for advice in the forums

*Download and use our WordPress plugin to make your life easier!*

3. Whatever you do, tweet it DAILY using #mbustorm hashtag: That’s how we’ll track your progress and cheer for you!

All your tweets will be archived in this Twitter room, so weโ€™ll know if you miss a day ;) Not to be negative here, but we do have the ability to verify your MyBlogU activity through the admin backend:ย Please donโ€™t cheat!

4. Once your 30 days are over, submit your results (progress report: “How close are you to your goal thanks to the MBU challenge?”) here.

*** The most voted challenge taker will win $1000! And there are more prizes as well!

*** The contest closes on February 1 (~2 months from now) – that’s when our community will select the best results by voting

That means that you can start your challenge any day between now (December 4) and January 2 – however obviously it’s better to start TODAY!

Watch Brainstorm section tutorial here

Watch Interviews section tutorial here

ย Learn about the types of Brainstorm requests you can create here

udemy Take our free Udemy course to better understand how MyBlogU works!

Examples of New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some examples of your writing / blogging / content marketing resolutions:

  • “I will build 1000 subscribers by March”;
  • “I will get my 2000th Twitter follower by January 1”;
  • “I will write and publish my eBook by February 1”;
  • “I am going to write a 500-page book in 2015”;
  • “I am going to finally start a blog and it will have at least 300 visits a day by March 1”;
  • “I will make $2000 a month by providing writing services”, etc.

The contest closes on February 1 (for us to be able to give away the prizes) but that doesn’t mean that you are done with your resolution! We’ll keep supporting you on your way there!

MyBlogU team and community will keep helping you with the goal and we’ll definitely celebrate when you accomplish it together with you (There will likely be more prizes once your personal resolution is accomplished! Just share that with us once you are done!)

MBU Challenge partners

  • MBUstorm partnersOur media sponsor this time: First Site Guide: We’ve picked this site because it provides one of the best blogging guides out there, so it matches our “blogging resolutions” topic perfectly!
  • Site Geek is giving away a free hosting account! You won’t have to pay for your hosting for a year and you’ll be able to focus on accomplishing your goals instead!
  • Buzz Stream is giving away 6 months of their PRO membership to help you build better connections with bloggers!
  • Viral Content Buzz is giving away 200 free credits to EVERY successful challenge taker! This will greatly expand your content reach!

Cash + Intensive Training + Motivation to Achieve Your Goal + Freebies!

Let’s get the party started!

30 Responses so far.

  1. Sheila Craan says:

    I would like to participate in your program to receive more views to my blog and more followers. How do I sign up? I was already thinking of writing a piece called: Your New Year Resolutions on Fire This Year.

  2. So, you’re saying that I need to set a goal, share something I did on MyBlogU for 30 days and I might win $1K?

    Though christmas is coming, if I start now then there’s definitely some days I’m going to miss during holidays.

    Yet this is a great idea, I really need some community motivation to get my blog to the next level ๐Ÿ™‚

    • annsmarty says:

      Yes, pretty much it! ๐Ÿ™‚ The challenge is the challenge: We are not really counting every day of everyone who participates ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s more for you to keep yourself accountable than for us! If you miss a day on Christmas, you are still in!

      • Quick question does activities that I do on my blog count for example writing a blog post? Or it has to be related to myblogu?

        • annsmarty says:

          Ideally, it should in some way involve MyBlogU: But you can help others at MBU (e.g. tweeting someone’s project with the #MBUstorm hashtag to help generate more answers already counts!)

  3. […] quick reminder first: Please join our New Year’s resolutions challenge! We’ll help you accomplish your goals – you’ll win $1000. This is truly a contest […]

  4. So many ideas – so little time! This challenge is pretty cool though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Enock says:

    This is it! I started a blog which has been receiving a significant number of visitors by using other channels of networking. Most likely, I will be starting a new blog around Jan and I hope I can take advantage of MyBlogU to reach my goals.

  6. Rhonda says:

    I’m just a bit confused. Do we submit our resolution right away or at the end? When I click on the submit link above it says, “Once your 30 days are done, please submit your results here to participate in the contest. Details:
    So not sure where and when I’m suppose to share my resolution.

    • annsmarty says:

      Hey Rhonda! GOOD catch! That remained overlooked from the previous challenge! I fixed the description: Yes, please submit your resolution now!

  7. Alin says:

    I want to participate on this project, i need more traffic!!

  8. Troy says:

    This sounds like a great concept and model to be apart of! I am always looking for people to contribute content as well as be a guest contributor to their blogs. Thanks for being a beacon and foundation for sharing the message of uniting and connecting like-minded bloggers!

  9. Ephrem says:

    WOW Ann,
    This is awesome. Looking forward to Win 1000$ ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Dinesh says:

    Hello Ann, Firstly I will wish to you a very Happy Holidays and Happy christmas. I have planned for my new website and blog. I am going to get more traffic by your blog. I am going to follow your steps and hoping for good in New Year.. Thanks Again Ann

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  13. […] Our contest is not a traditional contest. It’s a group challenge where we motivate each other to make steps every day towards our goal. […]

  14. […] users to share there New Years resolutions. We also invited the bravest and most determined of them to spend 30 days with us to make that resolution […]

  15. Yes I would like to join the competition because it one of my goal to get website up an running.

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