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One Month of #MyBlogU: What Have We Achieved So Far?

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MyBlogU one monthOn August, 1 @MyBlogU is officially one month old – that’s exactly how long ago we opened it for beta-testing. Let’s see what we have achieved so far!

We have announced our Ambassador program which you are still welcome to apply! Here are the details.

Here are our first banners for supporters and fans! I hope you are the one 🙂

Now, to our first achievements!

Notable mentions

Please support our early supporters by sharing these awesome @MyBlogU mentions on social media!

  • One of our early users @news4track published the very first review of @MyBlogU here (google-translate it) [twitter-1 Tweet this]

A favorite quote: “[@MyBlogU concept is that] supporting the creation is better than just giving a recipe”

A favorite quote: ” MyBlogU is a community where marketers share their ideas, thoughts, build relationships and moreover help each other to grow.

A favorite quote: “Just from looking at the list of questions in the Brainstorm section has given me a few ideas myself for possible articles to write.”

A favorite quote: “a new amazing place to collaborate in order to create epic content, be promoted over the internet and build new connections”

A favorite quote: “Being interviewed (either as part of a group or individually) is probably the best way to build your authority in 2014 and a clean way to pick up strong links to your site.”

MyBlogU in Action

Now, let’s list just a couple of examples of what MyBlogU is about:

  • @hirebloggers published this group interview with different personal stories of why people started blogging. For a very quiet blog, the interview did amazingly well!

  • Finally, from my brainstorm project asking for #expertinterview case studies, I got a great story from @christykunjumon which I was able to use in two articles: One for SEJ and one for @2createawebsite – THIS is how I got inspired 🙂 Bottom line: Inspire someone to keep mentions coming!

Also, I have started a new brainstorm project for you to share any personal case studies with our platform for us to feature them here!

Thanks for making this first month so awesome! With you, we are not alone!

15 Responses so far.

  1. Sandy says:

    Congrats MyBlogU on a great first month! I’m happy to be a part of it and to spread the word! It has been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to more to come 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention, Ann.
    I am sure MyBlogU will keep growing very fast!
    Happy to be part of this awesome project. 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! I just got on board last week but am excited to contribute and learn!

  4. Sunita Biddu says:

    Have heard of good MyBlogU on twitter a month back and wanted to join since then. I am glad I am here and it’s never too late. Looking forward to be a proud member and good contributor. My good wishes with the team and all the members 🙂

  5. Kulwant Nagi says:

    In such a short time you have made a huge impact.

    Best wishes, Ann.

  6. Belated Happy B’day!

    MyBlogU is growing well.

    Best Wishes Ann

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