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Our April and Why We Rock #MyBlogU

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myblogu-aprilApril has been our #MBUstorm month! I love our collective brainstorming challenges! It’s so much fun and it’s actually great watching your blogs grow thanks to them! Thanks to all the Spring #MBUstorm participants!

We also started a neat initiative trying to build an all-in-one, yet non-overwhelming resource for new bloggers. We are using the power of @MyBlogU to crowd-source most useful links and tools for bloggers to use! No fluff, only real stuff from real bloggers…

*If you want to be featured in our next Twitter chat (and ultimately our eBook), please share your tip in this project: How to make blogging part of the routine?*

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been doing in April

April Twitter Chats

  • The Ultimate List of Must-Have WordPress Plugins: No need to go through the lists of 100 hundred cool WordPress plugins. We know there are a lot and most of them are fun to play with but we are limited in time and our sites are limited in bandwidth, so here’s the list of most essential ones to install.
  • Best Marketing Tactic: Promote Your Promoters with @VCBUzz and #MyBlogU: The most efficient connection-building tactic you’ll ever come across. One of the hugest struggles of bloggers is to keep blogging in the silence. Connections take time to build up but it’s so important to hear from people in the first months of blogging: We can’t be alone! Start here if you need fast results to keep yourself motivated to move forward.
  • Introducing: Your #MyBlogU Dashboard : One of newer @MyBlogU features which we are still developing but it’s already very useful! Here it’s explained and you are invited to share your feedback for us to make it better!

Content Our Users Create at #MyBlogU

#MBUstorm months are always rich in awesome content (That’s how we make the web a better place!) There’s no way we can share all of the awesome articles here but here are some highlights:

Actions are louder than words: The quality of content we provide at @MyBlogU is simply AMAZING thanks to our smart users!

MyBlogU Mentions in April

We’ve received some good press this month! Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

Lastly, this month we were going to start “Member spotlight” featuring one of our members who did something awesome at #MyBlogU. That chosen user will also be featured in users’ dashboards allowing more exposure.

But with so many #MBUstorm’ers doing such an awesome job we couldn’t pick one and we didn’t want any of our challenge-takers to be discouraged too! So we’ll start that tradition next month and you better start doing something awesome! Depending on your business, we’ll do our best to send new followers, leads and clients your way!

Thanks for another awesome month! We are blessed to have you!

*To be featured in our next Twitter chat (and ultimately our eBook), please share your tip in this project: How to make blogging part of the routine?*

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