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We Are All Winners! Spring #MBUstorm Challenge!

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mbustorm-resultsA few weeks ago we announced our spring challenge: The fearless participants were committed to brainstorm daily for 30 days and tweet what they were doing.

[The 30-day #MBUstorm challenge happens 4 times a year. Please keep an eye on the upcoming one here]

Today it’s time to announce the winner who gets $1000!

Congrats to Fogbutton @WPressionist and Kari78 @RelationshipCir: The grand prize of $1000 is being split between the two!

Please scroll down reading every #MBUstorm story: Our participants did a great job!


MyBlogU TestimonialI started from nothing and now have a modest following

For this challenge, I decided to spend a month building up an entirely new blog, WordPressionist. I was able to write several brand new, in-depth, 1500+ word guides during the challenge, as well as building up my Twitter following from 0 to nearly 200! It was also a blast getting to brainstorm with so many people, as well as actively participating in the Twitter chats nearly every week over the course of the challenge.

It’s been great getting into the habit of working on my blog or helping someone with theirs every night, one I plan to try and continue for the foreseeable future! smile


MyBlogU reviewMy Experience With The #MBUstorm Challenge

The day that I saw the #MBUstorm challenge was starting happened to coincide with the day that I decided to do something new with my blogs. Thank god that happened! I had a pretty strict routine, and even though I was only getting small results, I kept doing it day after day. What’s the definition of insanity?

Following are some of the benefits I experienced using MyBlogU daily.

1. I broke through my writer’s block. Part of my original routine was to create a new blog post almost every day, and I was stuck. I was behind on my goals, which was making the writer’s block even worse. The brainstorming section in MyBlogU quickly helped me think of new angles, and the writer’s block quickly went away.

2. Writing original and long posts became easier. Thanks to the suggestions in the brainstorm section, as well as the interview answers, I was able to put a post together much faster than I normally do. That gave me extra time in my day to do other things I needed to do.

3. My Twitter presence improved. Not only did my Klout Score and followers increase, but my ability to use Twitter in the way it should be used increased too. Using social media has always been a struggle for me. The challenge made it essential to connect with others through social media, and I finally started seeing some results with Twitter in terms of traffic, shares, and favorites.

4. My website traffic has increased in organic results and social shares since the start of the contest. In fact, I’ve doubled my organic traffic.

5. My productivity went through the roof. I had a lot to do during the challenge, so I had no time to focus on meaningless stuff. I was too busy brainstorming, publishing articles, interacting on Twitter, and doing my ghostwriting. Essentially, if I wanted to see my husband at the end of the day, I needed to dial up my focus. The extra bonus was that as my productivity increased, so did my income!

6. Last but not least, I formed some new relationships that have benefited me both professionally and personally. It’s interesting how many people are trying to do some good in this world, and the more people I have met through MyBlogU and the #MBUstorm challenge, the more I’ve been able to see this.


MyBlogU TestimonialFirst time challenger for #MBUstorm challenge

Whew what a month! I participated in my first #MBUstorm challenge. Regardless of the final outcome, I made some great connections and received tons of views that generated astounding feedback. Oh! and I had a blasted participating.

In April I asked for contributions for a MyBlogU project I was working on. Out of the request, over 10 great MyBlogU contributors stepped up to share their insights. It was difficult to narrow it down because their wisdoms and observation were all on spot. Eventually I narrowed it down to 5 and that blog on Influencers was imho my best blog to-date. As happy as I am, about the outcome of the blog, what I am excited about, is the increase engagement I saw across the board, with Twitter being the highest jumper.

On Twitter I talked about #MBUstorm 18x. In all I did 182 tweet for the month of April, which increased my Twitter followers by 91; My top card tweet, which was a challenge tweet, received 760 impressions in April and so far in May is still my top tweet. MyBlogU has been one of my top referrer on both my Facebook business page and my website. There was a plethora of activity generated on my website because of the guest, MyblogU contributors, in the Influencer blog. I saw that many of the contributors were taking the #MBUstorm challenge also.

MyBlogU has proven time and time again to be a catalyst for growth on my website. I am looking forward to participating and getting assistance on future Brainstorms and Interviews on MyBlogU. Go #MBUstorm Challenge!

Watch for my first Traffic and Income Report, I will be talking about how having a community like MyBlogU can help you grow your readership.


MyBlogU reviewI Blogged About It!

I just blogged about this today! The blog post is here!

If you were looking for more of a summary:

* 4 brainstorms and one interview created

* Participation resulted in 9 new articles for my website (which is a side project, I also work as a freelancer)

* These articles were the result of contributions from 20 different MyBlogU members

* SumoMe statistics show a total of 1259 shares for these articles (likely more, as explained in the blog post)

* Of my top 12 most popular articles from Jetpack statistics – 6 of them came from the #MBUstorm articles

* These 6 articles combine for 15% of my all-time page views

* From Google Analytics – sessions more than doubled (106% increase), users more than doubled (129% increase) and pageviews increased 66% (all these stats are from the April 8-May10 period, as compared to the previous period

* I contributed to 15 brainstorms and 3 interviews of other bloggers

* 13 of my contributions were accepted for use now or in the future

* From my contrbutions and #MBUstorm participation I have been mentioned in 8 blog posts on other blogs

* Some social media follower increases (but can’t put an exact number on it)

I am very proud of my accomplishments! I hope others can understand the weight of these accomplishments too, considering that my blog was only 3 months old when I started the challenge (it is 4 months old, exactly, today!) and that my blog is a side project because I also work as a freelancer so I only have so much time to devote to the blog right now. I would love to be considered in the running for the $1000 prize, and I thank everyone for their support during my #MBUstorm experience!


MyBlogU TestimonialMy MBUstorm challenge experience

Thanks for organizing MBUstorm challenge, I’m sure you invested lots of effort and time into it.

What I particularly liked was the diversity of the blogs which took part in the challenge–from candy to biology to insurance. It mixed things up a bit and deviated from the usual things I write about. So it actually ended up being quite a fun activity to think of content ideas for other participants’ blog posts.

Also, I’m subscribed to a number of blogs and was happy to share some useful online resources and physical books I came across on book promotion, taking exams, getting rid of writer’s block, etc. At least all those reading didn’t go to waste.

Finally, the coup de grace was getting an invitation from Kari to guest post for her site, Attract Get Women. Which reminds me, I had better reply her soon!

Arnaud from


My 30 days of inspiration…

This is my third challenge (I guess I am the only one did all three!?)

I love the challenge because I meet new people, receive and send lots of great ideas, create great content and feel inspired for 30 days in a row.

Here’s my #MBUstorm (the 30th day is today!)


Notice the different colors: I was taking the calendar to all my trips to never miss a day!


MyBlogU reviewMBUstorm Results

I really enjoyed the MBUstorm challenge. The structure of doing something on the website everyday for 30 days along with a reward at the end helped me to follow through. I was pleased to contribute to other bloggers by answering their interview questions and sharing ideas.

As a results I received a good number of back links, made connections with other bloggers, and my traffic has increased. With the two interviews and one project that I posted I now have 6 blog posts in the works that will be published in the next month.


MyBlogU reviewConnections, connections

In the month of the challenge I was working mainly on other projects, not my blog, so I focused on helping other people this time. I lost count of all the ideas I submitted and all the articles I’d been quoted in… there were many. But the best part of it was connecting and building relationships with other bloggers.

Occasionally I’d struggle to find a brainstorm I could contribute to in meaningful way, so I’d start a brainstorm of my own based on idea that wasn’t fully developed in my mind. I wasn’t ready to submit a request, but I had to do something to stay in the challenge. so I did it anyway. That would have to be the best way to brainstorm – ask for help before you’re ready and before even you’re clear on what you’re doing. As I read other people’s ideas, the path to clarity became very straightforward. I ended up with name for an ecourse I was working on (to be revealed soon) and a vision for a new website.


MyBlogU TestimonialThe 30th Day

Today is the 30th day since I started the #MBUstorm challenge so I thought I would share some thoughts on the experience. First of all, it has been a real pleasure interacting with other bloggers, learning both about the challenges faced and the solutions offered; the generous spirit of collaboration has been a real joy. I’ve connected with new people on social media and look forward to keeping in contact and following their blogs. I’ve also been introduced to several new websites and net resources that provide valuable information and insights for my own blogging and web development. With regard to my brainstorm, I’ve received a wealth of helpful suggestions that I have started implementing, and already my web traffic has increased considerably! Part of this is due to using the sister site, Viral Content Buzz. All in all, it’s been a fantastic 30 days, and I intend to continue with MyBlogUCom from now on. Thanks a lot!


My #MBUstorm story as an infographic

I’ve summarised the results for my first #MBUstorm in an infographic

[ Click the image to see it in full]

This last month has been amazing and I feel rejuvinated as a blogger and a lot more positive about being able to launch a business so I can work from home due to my health issues.



Congrats to Fogbutton @WPressionist and Kari78 @RelationshipCir: The grand prize of $1000 is being split between the two!

All the participants are getting free ViralContentBuzz credits to promote their content. Please contact us to claim the credits!

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  1. How exciting! Good luck, everybody!!

  2. Don Sturgill says:

    Everyone who entered is already a winner! You guys rock, and I love seeing your work published.

  3. Amazing to read all the #MBU stories and great fun to join in (although I feel like I need a holiday now!)
    Congrats to Fogbutton @WPressionist and Kari78 @RelationshipCir and to everyone who managed to do the challenge. Looking forward to the next one.

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  5. Garry says:

    What if you cannot connect your social accounts here???

  6. Naveen says:

    Amazing to read all the #MBU stories and great fun to join in….

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