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Best Marketing Tactic: Promote Your Promoters with @VCBUzz and #MyBlogU

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Promote your promoters twitter chatFirst things first: you still have a few days to join #MBUstorm: Brainstorm daily to build your blog, exposure, traffic, brand and get a chance to win $1000!

Today we continue building the ultimate crowdsourced resource for new (and established!) bloggers that we will one day turn into an eBook!

The beauty of our guide is that it’s community-built: Every chat is created by MyBlogU contributors, so it consists of actionable advice tested by real people. No fluff, just real stuff 🙂

We’ve already discussed pre-launch tips, starting out, most essential (must-have) WordPress plugins and writing epic content (with MyBlogU help of course)

Now that we’ve covered the on-site basics, let’s talk about building your community and becoming well-known in your niche.

We’ll start with most essential, best- and fastest-working tactic that works for everyone: Promoting your promoters!

Who Are Your Promoters?

Everyone who is tweeting your article, linking to you in the round-ups, plussing your content in Google Plus, pinning your images on Pinterest…

These are your best connections: They already know you, they thought you were worth promoting, so they are likely to follow you back and remember you.

So every time you publish an article online, make sure you follow and thank (either in words or by plussing, liking, favoriting their updates) each of your promoters be it a so-called influencer or a newbie like yourself.

Another good idea is to try to link to articles featuring you or your product and use social media tagging so that your promoters always know you love them!

Finding your promoters maybe not an easy task to do! Don’t be lazy: If you have spent time writing that article, making the most of that effort makes total sense!

Here are some tricks I am using to monitor my promoters:

  • I have a separate column in my Tweetdeck where I monitor “” search results: This way I see everyone tweeting anything from my site
  • I use Google Ripples bookmarklet to check who has shared my article on Google Plus
  • I use @BuzzSumo to receive an email alert every time anyone mentions my name OR

Here’s a search command I am using for both Twitter and @BuzzSumo: [“My Name” OR “My Full Name” OR OR “My Domain” OR mydomain]

Another great tip is to create Twitter lists (and Google Plus circles!) with everyone who has ever promoted you to keep more in touch!

“What if I Don’t Seem to Have Any Promoters?”

Ok, our guide is intended to both new and established bloggers. We realize that there are not too many promoters when you are starting (your mom doesn’t count).

But that’s what we are building our tools for!

Viral Content Buzz is the most effective platform when it comes getting people promote your content. That’s the most “unintrusive” way to have strangers tweet, share, pin your content without having to personally reach out to anyone.

All you need is to submit your content to the system and watch it being shared. Then make sure to open the “Interactions” tab daily and go through each and every share thanking and following your promoters:

Social Media Interactions

PRO TIP: Here’s another way I am using Viral Content Buzz for promoting my promoters: I have created a separate label and added all articles mentioning my site or reviewing it to it. Once in a while I sort my project by that label and bump those projects up for more shares. Since all those article mention my site, I give a boost to both myself and my promoter:

Viral Content Buzz labels

MyBlogU lets you find people who are willing to help you create content. Once you feature your contributors in the article, they become your active promoters sharing the article where they have been featured.

But more than that, MyBlogU helps you get featured in other bloggers’ articles and thus it creates assets which you can link to (from your portfolio, resume, etc etc) as well as actively promote on social media.

PRO TIP: We are building tools to let you store all your articles you were featured in. It’s currently available via our PRO offering (which is now being alpha-tested). It’s a good idea to go back to those articles you were once featured in and share them on social media again (more exposure for you and your promoter!)

MyBlogU PRO dashboard

How are you promoting your promoters? Share your tips!

Today’s contributors are: @WPressionist, @AngelaAlcorn of @onlinecareerist, @ToddMumford of @RiverbedMktg and @hireblogger

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