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How to Respond to MyBlogU Interview Requests

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MyBlogU interviews: get featured and citedLast week we were talking about using MyBlogU group interviews to enhance your content marketing strategy. Today let’s talk about how to make the most of the feature when replying to interview requests

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Complete Your MyBlogU Profile

Completing MyBlogU profile will accomplish two important missions:

  • You’ll find more friends (Let’s face it: People don’t feel like interacting with default avatars. Plus, many people landing on your MBU profile page will click through social media profiles and follow you where they can!)

  • The authenticated social media accounts will automatically populate in “Interviews -> Add your answers” section which will give the interview host more reasons to assume you are a real expert (and follow you everywhere). On top of that, the interview host will be offered an option to include all your social media links into the published interview (which means more follows and exposure to your social media presence).

Complete MyBlogU profile

Enter Each Response EXACTLY as You Would Like It to Be Published

[Do your own editing!]

enter into the response is EXACTLY as I would like it to be published

[Thanks, Don, for your input!]

You are not answering an email: You are providing an answer which is going to be published. So skip “hey there, nice to meet you.. here’s my answer…” part and go directly to the answer.

The more straightforward your answer is, the more chances you have to be included in the live article. @Don_Sturgill’s group interview is the perfect example of the really useful answers: GREAT job!

Don’t forget to proof-read and re-read before hitting “Next question” button!

Proof read!

Don’t Force It

We want you to love the process. If you can’t seem to know a good answer, give it some time. I like our @EP_pturner‘s approach:

I check MyBlogU every morning and afternoon. I check the forum, brainstorms and interviews for new help requests; none of the requests are urgent, but my brain multi-tasks and works away on these requests in the background.

I never reply immediately, but think about things for a few days and then start typing.

On the other hand, don’t feel bad about typing too much. Try to go as indepth as you can. If you are passionate about the topic, feel free to tell as much as you want. I got this as an answer to one of my interview requests and I felt perfectly well turning into a separate article (which rocks!)

Happy getting featured in expert interviews! You deserve being cited as an expert!

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