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How to Comment to Build Your Brand and Traffic #MyBlogU

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comment-succeedIn December we were talking about getting comments to your blog.

We thought this topic wouldn’t be complete without us talking about posting comments on other blogs because, as so many other things, this is a two-way street.

Getting Inspired by Example

Now, let’s start the month by getting inspired. Here are some notable commenters and their commenting wisdom.

1. Ryan Biddulph @ryanbiddulph of Blogging From Paradise

Ryan is always cited as a perfect example of a blogger who gets commenting right. Here’s what he says about commenting on other blogs:

If you see me commenting on an authority blog, I’m not half-baking it. I publish a mini guest post to add serious value to the blog post and to make friends with the blogger.

That’s my intent; to follow the Blogging Golden Rule…. give freely, detach from outcomes, and when you’re not looking for the receiving, the receiving happens.

2. Donna Merrill @donna_tribe

Blog commenting is one the most effective activities to build relationships with people.

…you can’t forget the person who used to comment on your blog posts.

You would get the same response from other people.

Never miss even a single chance to show your presence on someone’s blog.

It doesn’t matter if the blog has a high authority or not.

Don’t be that arrogant blogger who only thinks about getting the backlinks.

Spread some love, comment on others’ blogs, connect with them.

3. Sue Anne Dunlevie @SueAnneDunlevie of

.@SueAnneDunlevie recommends posting at least 2-5 comments daily on different blogs in your niche.

One of the best ways to connect with other bloggers is to comment on their blog. Or even better, comment on a guest post they have written.

Ask a Question

This tip comes from @DonSturgill:

To foster interaction, don’t just dispense wisdom… ask a question.

Many commenters try to add on to the information already given… they position themselves as knowing more than the writer. To build real interaction, ask questions. Get dialogue going. Strike up a conversation.

Let the writer of the article be the hero. You be the supporter and student.

Keep the Door Open for Bigger Opportunities

Shamsudeen Adeshokan (Founder/Blogger at @cybernaira) shares his own case study:

I’ve been leaving several valuable comments on blogs but this one on Jon Morrow’s SmartBlogger’s blog (formerly boost blog traffic) resulted in a guest post opportunity.

Aris saw my comment on this particular post on SmartBlogger and decided to get in touch for a guest appearance opportunity on the NinjaOutreach blog.

Below is our email conversation regarding the guest appearance on the NinjaOutreach blog.


Make Commenting Part of Your Routine

Make a list of your favorite blogs and make a strict rule to leave at least one comment on at least one of them daily. It’s a small achievable goal.

Only spend time on blogs where the author interacts with the commenters and / or there are other people commenting (Otherwise, you’ll quickly feel discouraged).

Use tools like @Cyfe to combine several RSS feeds into one dashboard to quickly check if there are new articles to comment.

Build Referral Traffic

Mikhail Khorev @iknowseoca shares his experience:

We used comments to get referral traffic from blogs posts that ranks on the first page for some commercial search terms in our industry. This is simple but effective tactic for small business owners and does not require any investments.

For example if you search “best spa Toronto” (or any other terms in your industry) on Google, you will see a couple of blog posts in search results like “The 10 Best Spas In Toronto” or  “7 Of Toronto’s Greatest Spas To Spoil Yourself At” and those would be the best places to leave you comment on. Make sure those posts have organic traffic by checking URL on Your comment must read well and bring some value to the post otherwise, it won’t be approved. This technique helped us get 167 visits and 27 new leads just from one blog post.

Brand Your “Name” Field

Raelyn Tan @raelyntan contributes an interesting idea:

Turbo-charge your comments by putting your website name in the name field of your comment. So instead of commenting as “Joe Smith”, I will comment as “Joe Smith | CEO @ MyBlogU” or something similar. People become more interested in checking you out as they now know a little more about what you do and what your blog is about.

Go through Other People’s Comments

Always check what others had to say before posting your own comment. You are part of the conversation! Reply to others, get connected! If you have nothing to say, this will also help you get inspired.

And to sum up this month we’d like to share some of the projects that were possible thank to our community!

Our mentions:

Our projects:

A few more projects for you to participate in next month:

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  2. Paul David says:

    An interesting read thank you, I had always seen comments with link backs as spammy and most of the time have deleted comments our own blog, my question is let’s say I started to comment regularly on Neil Patel blogs, which I genuinely follow as a point of interest, this as we also want to change our line of business from doing seo for others to just teaching it. So how long in general does it take until you start seeing results, do you become a recognized commenter over time and quantity? Or does the quality of the questions you raise or input you offer determine how quickly you get results?

  3. First is to thank you for all this informative posts you give us for free; i bet all of us are happy.
    Such a great idea of yours! You have been a big help for me. Thanks a lot. more post for interesting topic. Great!

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