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How to Start Your Own Blog Site : Content Zero to Blogging Hero #MBUstorm   arrow

start a new site educational programNever before have you been as motivated to create a new source of income!

This contest will be your most refreshing and rewarding experience of the year!

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Have you started a new site (less than three months old) or plan to? Then this challenge is for you!

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Subscribe to this thread to keep update on everyone else’s progress.
  • Use #MBUstorm hashtag to tweet your results and watch out for fellow contestants!
  • Use MyBlogU Brainstorms to improve your site (Or ask for help in the forums)

How to start your own blog site: Your free checklist

start a new blog checklistDownload our checklist on how to create a blog and earn money (pdf).

If you have an old blog you are looking to revive, it will work well for you too!

Just check off everything you have done so far and move to the next step!

Please use these articles to build and market your site:

Tips on creating content:

Whenever you are ready, share your statistics to qualify for the grand prize (by posting another idea the same project)!

Whenever you have questions, just reach out!


[This is an ongoing challenge now: You can enter and share your results to win the prize any time!]

The winner(s) will be determined based on:

  • 1) Monthly Traffic numbers (Unique monthly visits)
  • 2) Subscribers (Email list and conversions)
  • 3) Profit (If any)
  • 4) MyBlogU Rank points**
  • 5) Review* from our judging panel

* Judges will review to make sure there’s no cheating going on. We’ll carefully review all the entering blogs to make sure they are perfectly new and all the winners to make sure there were no fake numbers or cheating! We are sure there will be no cheating, but you can rest assured that we are keeping an eye! The judges will also distribute the partners’ special prizes among the winners
** There are no strict rules as to how you are going to use MyBlogU during the contest but the higher your MBU rank, the more chances to win. Here are few content marketing tasks MyBlogU can help you with. Don’t forget to take our free Udemy course too!

There may be more than one winners if there’s no obvious leader!

The Prize

The winner will get our special prize: You’ll enter the personal training and coaching program from Ann Smarty herself and the team. We’ll work together until we manage to double your winning numbers (profit, traffic, subscribers)!

You’ll get as much free help, consulting, content, coaching, shares, links, etc as needed to double the numbers you’ve reached during your first 6 months of the contest.

We are proud to present #MBUstorm partners:

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Terms of Service:
(*) No adult, gambling niche sites please: We are family-friendly!
(*) Only legit sources of income: We won’t be able to help you build more income if you participate in any shady schemes. Please monetize your new site through affiliate sales, PPC, legit advertisers (Again, no adult content), paid reviews (with proper disclaimer), etc.
(*) For us to verify your traffic numbers, you’ll need to temporally add Ann Smarty to their Google Analytics (or other traffic analytics software) in view-only mode. The same goes about your email marketing software: You’ll need to invite Ann as a view (we’ll publish detailed checklist closer to April)