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Thanks for Making This September So Awesome! #MyBlogU

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MyBlogU September 2015 updateThis month has been awesome!!! The reason being is that we have started our grand #MBUstorm challenge called The MyBlogU Blog Launchpad: Content Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge #MyBlogU

We hope that we’ll all learn a lot thanks to this contest: You’ll become a smarter, more successful blogger and we, the hosts, will get better at organizing and marketing these events!

>>>Please join the challenge here! You still have a little bit of time: Don’t miss this opportunity!<<<

Now let us share some of this month’s community achievements!

Content we’ve collaborated on this month:

Honorable @MyBlogU mentions!

We have seen huge support from #MBUstorm media partners. So many people blogged about the challenge! Thanks!

David @amabaie already interviewed our first contestants here: Should you join the #MBUstorm blogging challenge? Perfect!

And thanks a lot to @maddiegrant for inspiring coverage Here’s Your Opportunity to Start Something Awesome: Join #MBUstorm Blogging Challenge! and to @AnaTrafficCafe for including us into her weekly roundup!

And one more by amazing @NACAROINC, just arrived this morning 🙂 MyBlogU: Blogging Tip Thursday: MyBlogU Has It All!

MBUstorm rules

@MyBlogU Featured Member!

This month we’d like to thank @edwindearborn for being such a helpful supportive and kind member of our family

We highly recommend you check out his new book, Power Branding Secrets.

Connect to Edwin on LinkedIn!

MyBlogU Testimonial!

And we have a new testimonial from one of our contestants @Bodynsoil who we encouraged to start blogging again!:

I’ve blogged, in one capacity or another, almost since the internet began it seems. In 2009, I moved to a wordpress blog with a self hosted domain and love it. Last year, while working on a plugin, I accidentally changed something major and watched at my alexa ranking went from mid 100K internationally to over 10 million; my heart sank. I should have buckled down and worked my way back. Instead I stuck my head in the sand and ignored it until now.

I’m using MyblogU as a nice resource tool to assist in gathering valuable information for posts.

I’m an organic gardener, personal trainer and nutrition coach. I go under the name of @Bodynsoil everywhere.

[Please see more MyBlogU testimonials here and share yours here to get featured in our upcoming chats!]

Thanks for the great month!

>>>Please join the challenge here!<<<

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