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MyBlogU Members Sending THANKS to Each Other!

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MyBlogU members thanksWe love it when our members are saying good words about MyBlogU: We are collecting our testimonials and every single one of them makes our team happy!

But we also love it when our members say nice words about each other. That means we connect people: We are making the difference!

Here are just a few of those wonderful words our members have to say each other (If you want to say thanks to anyone from MyBlogU, please tweet now or contribute to this project!)

Thanks from Tim Fehraydinov @Texterra_eng:

Many thanks to David Leonhardt @amabaie for taking part in my roundups and his high engagement and interest ūüôā

Thanks from David Leonhardt @amabaie

Thanks for making this article great!  @SEOsmarty @SHurleyHall @ShobhaPonnappa

Thanks from Kari @RelationshipCir

OMG – I had a great experience with a lot of people! This is in no particular order!

Thanks to @amabaie for always giving great ideas & content for my articles. (I think he may be able to write or something! ūüėČ

Thanks to @EP_pturner for pointing out my errors & making my articles (& my blog) look better + your input and nice comments.

Thanks to @steffiblack for your great insights and your ability to just make me feel all smiley when you respond to me!

Thanks from Kari @RelationshipCir

Thanks to @TheSavingsOpp for some really detailed answers to my brainstorms that really made me think and helped me out.

Thanks to @WPressionist¬†for your answers to my interviews and brainstorm, as well as sharing so nicely with me. ūüėČ

Thanks to @Nicholls_Dr for some great tips and content, and for getting me back into mindfulness.

Thanks to @muminsearch for so many insightful interview answers for my happiness blog.

Thanks to @manifestcon for making me feel welcome & included when I first started the Twitter chats Р+ with Twitter in general.

Thanks to @patantconsult for your brainstorm & interview answers + tweeting a tweet to me that made me feel really good.

Thanks to @socialwebcafe for the great answers to my first interview, and for suggesting (introducing) slideshare to me.

Thanks to @seosmarty for always being quick to respond to my questions, plus making me feel so included.

Thanks from Tat Apostolova @muminsearch

Thank you to the whole #mbustorm community for challenging me to think differently.

Thanks from Tat Apostolova @muminsearch

Thank you @Lamhfada_L for coming up with a great name for my upcoming ecourse.

Thank you @EP_pturner and @amabaie for being regular contributors in my brainstorms.

Thank you @RelationshipCir for asking questions I can actually answer and then featuring me in a bunch of great articles.

Thank you @seosmarty for creating this space that makes coming up with ideas and building relationships so easy.

Thanks from Phil Turner @EP_pturner

Thanks Kari  @RelationshipCir for interesting brainstorms and interviews. I enjoyed the challenges U posed

Thanks from Phil Turner @EP_pturner

Thanks Elaine @Nicholls_Dr for challenging brainstorms & interviews on my area ‚Äď Education

Thanks Adrienne @WPressionist for brainstorms and interviews that made me think about the way I am blogging

Thanks Luana @luanatf for inspiring me with your face-off with Matt C

Thank you Patricia @patantconsult for challenging me with your brainstorms and interviews

Thanks Erica @emartin74 for allowing me to contribute to your brainstorms and interviews

Thanks from Edwin Dearborn @edwindearborn

I would like to thank @seosmarty who reached out to me and involved me in this wonderful community. She has been so helpful and encouraging.

Thanks from Alex Yong @ggSolutions123

I want to thank @TimSoulo @Kevin_Raposo @EP_pturner for honest opinions about @HelpAReporter #MyBlogU

Thanks from Adrienne @WPressionist

I wanted to thank David @amabaie for always having such insightful ideas and suggestions for my brainstorms!

Thanks from Adrienne from @WPressionist

Thanks from @Steffiblack

Yes, @seosmarty was warm and welcoming and took the time for a great interview #inspireGreatly

Thanks @amabaie: You were an amazing contributor and ‘the portable notes of wisdom‘ made the article come alive! I had many retweets and follows because of your contribution

Thanks from @Steffiblack

Thanks from Lenie @LenieHokansson

.@patweber, thanks for the intro and the lesson re MBU. Did my first Brainstorm and gave first response. Love it.

Thanks from Lenie @LenieHokansson

Thanks from Kulwant Nagi (Professional Blogger)

Thanks a lot @MyBlogU for providing such an awesome platform to get exposure from some big websites.

Thanks from Anna Fox @hireblogger

Thanks to @amabaie @top5seo @DonSturgill @PhatInnovator @BrockbankJames @kulwantnagi @noobpreneur for creating my blog MOST popular article

Thanks from @JessyTroy

Thanks @Nicholls_Dr @DaringBlogger @RhondaWhiteBiz @amabaie @PaperScientist @CrochetBlogger @aseponde for contributing to my Brainstorm project.

Thanks from Stephanie @Haidaloup

A big Thanks to @EP_pturner for his precious help on my article and the very helpful guide on creating a brand new website he shared

Thanks from Deb @socialwebcafe

TY, Ann ( @seosmarty) for being such an encouragement & inspiration in the community‚Ķ a pleasure to work for you & with you ūüôā #goteam

Again, if you want to say thanks to anyone from MyBlogU, please tweet now or contribute to this project!

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  1. appreciate the warm and friendly members helping each other

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