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Types of Pages That Rank in Google for Your Name: #Reputation Series #MyBlogU

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Anatomy of search resultsAnd we continue our series of chats teaching you how to manage your Google reputation.

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There are several ways to classify pages that rank for your (brand) name and they are all important: some of them we want to push up, some of them we may be willing to hide from the immediate view.

Positive vs Negative Sentiment

The most important three types of brand search results are:

  1. Positive (or positive-neutral) mentions
  2. Negative mentions
  3. Pages that are not about you

For example:

Positive / negative mentions

Thee Types of Pages You Should be Aware of

Next come these types of pages:

  1. Pages you can control
  2. Pages you have no control of
  3. Pages you need to constantly keep an eye on (User-generated and / or user-edited pages)

For example:

Pages you can control

Pages You Can Control

Then, there come:

  1. Pages you can outrank
  2. Pages you have no chances to get rid of (Especially, those “Position zero” results we talked about last time)

For example:

Pages you can push away from top 10

Planning Your Actions…

Depending on the type you are dealing with, you’ll have to strategize a different type of an action:

  • Positive (or positive-neutral) mentions: You want these pages to rank as high as possible
  • Negative mentions: You want to push them down (even if these are not about actually you!) because they may form a bad first experience which is often hard to reverse!
  • Pages that are not about you: Depending on the circumstances, you may want to push them down (if these are highly negative), push them up (if these are positive and have higher chances to rank higher than your own negative sentiment), or keep them as they are
  • Pages you can control: These are your assets: You can update them with most recent information about you and control their sentiment making sure they create the right first impression. These are mostly pages you want to rank high for your name search results.
  • Pages you have no control of: It’s usually smart to be cautiously optimistic about these pages because they can change their sentiment or go away at any time. On the other hand, if these are pages on powerful domains, they may be easier to rank higher or outrank negative mentions
  • Pages you need to constantly keep an eye on: Those are Wikipedia pages (something you have some editorial control of), forum threads you can update, review pages you can influence by posting and replying to the reviews.
  • Pages you can push away from top 10: In many cases, it’s quite easy to outrank a negative mention replacing it with something more favorable.
  • Pages you have no chances to get rid of: Sometimes it’s totally obvious that some positions are impossible to push down completely. In these difficult cases, you’ll have to find other ways to fix the issue: Contact the owner of the site or the author of the page with the requests of revisions or solutions; contact the host (if the page is infringing your copyright); enroll your happy customers (Encouraging them to leave reviews to change the sentiment of the page); engage your customer support team (For them to deal with every unhappy customer or review), etc.

We’ll talk about most of these actions and solutions in more detail throughout the month. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I used a Google tool to see what pages I rank for, but I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I don’t rank for any pages, LOL. My Alexa score is pretty decent. What do you think?

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