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Want Some Publicity? Get a Guest Spot On a Twitter Chat! #MyBlogU

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Guest featured in Twitter chatsWelcome to May Twitter chats hosted by #MyBlogU! This whole month we are going to talk about building your brand by being featured: In podcasts, Twitter chats and social media AMAs.

In my opinion, Twitter chats are the most woefully underutilized tools out there. Sure, they come and go every so often. Sometimes a major brand name, such as USA Today, will host one. They inevitably garner a ton of interest, but the use of the tool is still underutilized.

Being in the spotlight is huge for building your brand and authority and niche Twitter chats can easily bring you that visibility, especially if you participate as a featured guest.

You can of course host your own tweetchat (and I recommend that you do, regularly). But being a guest on already established one is a great way to really take advantage of the platform. Not to mention connecting with the audience the host has already established.

So how do you get that coveted Twitter chat guest spot?

Find The Tweetchat For You

Twitter chat calendar

The first step is finding a tweetchat to be a part of. With the creation of resources like TwChat, it makes it a little easier. The hashtag monitoring tool also provides a list of recent or new chats being held on Twitter. Many of them are weekly, biweekly or monthly.

You can also keep an eye out for announcements on blogs you already follow. Many of them are holding (or somehow participating in) Twitter chats, and you may be able to pitch to them.

For an extensive list of Tweetchats, check out this list from TweetReports. It gives you info on the niche/category, who is holding the chat, and when it is scheduled. You can use it to begin finding potential chats to take part in, and be a guest on.

If you are into marketing, I’ve compiled my own calendar here.

Pitch Yourself To The Chat Moderators

I am a firm believer in introducing yourself through interaction, not cold pitching. Cold pitches rarely (if ever) work at this point. They just get too many a day to respond to them all.

Your best bet is to start out by participating in the tweetchats already being held. Become a regular fixture, go to weekly chats and actively engage with both the guests and the participants.

Keep it relevant, follow the rules, ask insightful questions or be helpful in your opinions. Make yourself stand out!

Once you have been seen this way for awhile, send a DM to the moderators. Tell them that you feel you have something to share on “x, y, or z” topics. Say you would love to be a  guest on their tweetchat in the future to offer your expertise to the others.

Also, look out for open calls for Tweet chat guests. MyBlogU is a great place to keep an eye for opportunities like that:


What Does it Take to be A Featured Tweet Chat Guest?

Compared to benefits (increased following and exposure, brand awareness and higher authority), your time and effort commitment are minimal:

  • Prepare all answers in advance (to be able to copy-paste them when each question is asked). This way you’ll have more time to interact with other participants: Answer extra questions from the audience and comment on others’ tweets.
    • Prepare visuals too! You’ll be able to express more in a tweet if you use visuals. Plus visual tweets trigger more engagement!
  • Be prepared spend one hour on Twitter: If you are a featured guest, don’t multi-task!

That’s it!

Making the Most out of that Publicity

Obviously, you are going to do your best to share the upcoming events with your friends and followers. But don’t stop there! Participating in Tweet chats brings lots of content opportunities too!

  • Grab your pre-written answers and publish them on your blog after the chat (With the official hashtag in the title). Ask the chat hosts if they don’t mind though: Some of them (like us) host chat scripts on their blogs, so you don’t want to create duplicate content.
  • Pick best tweets and curate them through one (or more) of these tools
  • Feature best tweets in a Slideshare presentation or a quick video

Do you have any tips for becoming a guest on a Twitter chat? Do you have an experience to share? Let us know in the comments!


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