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What to Ask for in #MyBlogU Brainstorm Section

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@MyBlogU Brainstorm feature@MyBlogU Brainstorm feature will evolve together with our community. We certainly won’t try to influence it too much letting our community decide what the best way to use it is. We are flexible and we are excited to see how it develops.

One thing we would like to focus on at this stage is that we’d like it to be more about content* than anything else.

*If all you are asking for is the generic site feedback (examples: “What’s wrong with it?”; “How I would promote it?”; “What do you think of the design”), please use the forum section we have opened for that.

We may change this policy in the future (depending, again, on the user feedback) but we would really like to make @MyBlogU Brainstorms your *content marketing* tool at this point.

So, while not limiting your options, let’s list some examples of brainstorm request you could post here:


Unique / original angles and perspectives

If you are looking for a more original angle or simply not sure where to start with your research, ask @MyBlogU users to send you links and related tools (Example):

Unique / original angles and perspectives

Case studies

If you are looking for people who succeeded/failed with something you are researching, ask here.. (Example)

Case studies

Google HOA / Podcast / Twitter chat / Interview guests

If you do popular podcasts and you are constantly looking for guests to feature, feel free to request this here (Example).

Google HOA / Podcast / Twitter chat / Interview guests

Note: It’s also not a bad idea to mention that MyBlogU users are welcome to suggest their friends or known niche influencers to contact, not just pitch yourself

Tool / Infographic reviews

If you do regular tool reviews or feature niche infographics in your industry, please ask to send them your way (Example):

Tool / Infographic reviews

Feature Options

  • You can make your project “public”: That means others will be able to share it on social media and non-registered users will be able to see the project title, description and the associated blog. Search engines will be able to crawl that information as well (if they follow social media links, for example).
  • Please approve ideas you are receiving: This way your helper’s rank and thus authority will be growing within MyBlogU (We are working to incorporate @MyBlogU user rank into many section giving higher-ranked members more benefits)
  • If you used the idea in your content and especially if you in any way referenced the idea author in your article, please provide the URL. This way your own @MyBlogU rank will increase as well. Moreover, this way you’ll encourage your helper to share that URL around as well (more social media shares => More exposure and traffic!)
  • You can access all the older ideas in “My Brainstorms” section. It is highly possible that you may use one idea on one blog and another idea would result in another article on your other blog/column. It is not required that you use all the ideas on the project-assigned blog, of course. But please do keep your helpers updated on where their idea came in handy (that will be very encouraging for them and will build stronger connections as well! Plus, again, more shares)

We are open for ideas and feedback on this new feature we are developing! We and you are not alone 😉

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