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What to Do After You Get Featured in an Article: Checklist #MyBlogU

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featured-checklistBeing featured in articles is one the most efficient ways to build natural traffic, independently of Google’s whims.

While MyBlogU helps you create meaningful and natural in-content mentions, it’s still up to you how much you’ll make out of each one.

Here’s a case in point for you: My own articles are usually very resourceful. I mention at least 5 other articles or tools in my content.

And, on average, only 1 out of 20 of those mentions would result in the further interaction. The mentioned person or company manager comes in to thank and follow me, offer a follow-up or build that relationship further in any other way.

Each time, this encourages me to mention that tool or company again and again in the appropriate context in the future simply because from now on I’ll remember them better.

Taking your media mentions seriously is the most effective way to build more exposure, more connections, more links, more mentions and more brand awareness.

Here’s a quick checklist of handling each media mention you or your brand gets:

1. Post a comment

This is a great way to bond with the author and express your appreciation of being featured.

Besides, it shows everyone else that you got featured (even if they missed that while reading / scanning); hence more attention to your brand!

2. Share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin…

…making sure you tag both the author of the article and everyone else featured in the article. “Honored to be in a good company” type of comment is a great way to build connections with those influencers who got mentioned in the same content as you.

You can tag brand pages as well: The blog business pages and the companies those other experts work for as well. If that results in too many characters, schedule several tweets throughout the day.

The more tagged (linked) mentions you create, the more interactions you will see: All those mentions will send notifications to those people and they will come to like, comment and share your update.

3. Follow the author & those other influencers on social media

Now that you have mentioned them, make sure you are following all of them. After being mentioned, most of them will reciprocate.

This is one the most effective ways to build meaningful reciprocal connections.

4. Thank for all the mentions that will follow

The author and some of those other influencers will do step #2 as well. Make sure you thank for being featured and tagged. This is a great way to expand your social media reach and brand awareness.

Also, on a related note, don’t miss our previous guide on getting your interview retweeted like crazy!

How do you handle your (brand) in-content mentions? How do you make the most of those?

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