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MyBlogU Feature Wishlist from Our Community #MyBlogU

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myblogu-wishlistMyBlogU is something that has no alternatives: We fill the need of better and easier digital content production in our own way.

We have no clue where this all is heading. We know we provide value already but we are always looking for ways to build more.

If you’d like to suggest features, please send them here

We’ll record your ideas in this article with the credit.

We can’t promise to implement any in the nearest future but we are working hard to launch as many experimental features as we can to define those that you’ll love most! Stay tuned!

Please comment below to share your feedback with any of the ideas from the wishlist as well as our comments.

Feature request from Greg DiVilbiss @GregDiVilbiss

I think one thing that would be cool is to have a directory by Specialty and expertise or maybe forum sections for Business, SEO, Weight Loss etc. So if you were specifically looking for input from a specific group it would be really easy to find the individuals.

Let it be said though I really love MBU and it has already helped me.

I do wish the inbox was a little easier to mark read.

MyBlogU comment: Thanks for the feedback! For now, you can search author database by tags and invite anyone. We’ll see how we can improve the niche connection capabilities!

Also, to mark a message as read you need to read it 🙂 I guess we just really, really want you not to miss anything but we’ll see how this can be improved!

Thanks for all you do!

Feature request from Ken Shenkman @KenShenkman

In addition to brainstorming blog ideas, what about a section for brainstorming titles. We all know how important titles are and how hard they can be to pick so why not have people post articles/ideas and ask for titles. I did it in one of my interviews and got some pretty good ideas.

You might also offer a place to post requests for people to read posts  before they are published so they can  offer opinions and proofread prior to going live.

MyBlogU comment: This is exactly the functionality we are currently testing internally and we’ll soon open it for private beta testing for our ambassadors. THANKS!

Feature request from Patricia Anthony @patantconsult

Content marketing has evolved. The market has become more competitive as we each compete for customer’s attention, share of pocket and mind. The sheer volume of content on the web means that marketers have to do more to command attention online. That requires maintaining an appropriate marketing mix.

MyBlogU caters solely to text contributions for participants crowdsourcing content. Of course there is the opportunity to get gifs, memes, infographics and videos for our blog content.

But what would really spice up the platform is if MyBlogU would evolve to give users the ability to crowdsource a content mix consisting of text, audio and video. That way content creators and marketers can more easily keep up with current marketing trends.

2015 has been declared the year of video marketing and podcasting is growing in popularity and profit. It would be awesome if  we could crowdsource video and audio contributions.

MyBlogU comment: Thanks for the great ideas, Patricia! We’ll have to give it more thought (multimedia content is not easy when it comes to development but we’ll think it through!).

For now, we have had a few great success stories of podcast interviews done with help of MyBlogU (here’s one). I guess, the brainstorm section is very flexible, so you can find collaborators for any type of content, not just text, through it.

Feature request from Abacus @AbacusCreative

Perhaps it could be useful for DIY blogs? MBU could be used to offer feedback on ‘how to guides’ or ‘cookery recipes’. Users could simply add a recipe or DIY blog and then ask people to advise on anything missing out, tips they could add or feedback on what others would do differently. It could be a good way to crowdsource ideas and better ways to do things and also people may be happy to be heard?

MyBlogU comment: Something similar can be already done through the Brainstorm section… I know it should probably be more improved but we just don’t want to over-complicate things at the early stages.

Feature request from Phil Turner @EP_pturner

My MBU Dream features:

  • A way of seeing who is online at any time
  • Instant chat
  • MBU group live chats eg a live brainstorm
  • More promotion for Infographics – I intend to start putting some up there now I have discovered I can make one in an hour

MyBlogU comment: Thanks, Phil!

For group chat, it has been on our wishlist for a while! I guess we’ll have to come up with the third-party solution for it. One of our friends developed this one: Not sure if we could try it first… Also, it should be able to hook up with our user base of course… Anyways, definitely something we’ve been thinking about!

For Infographics, I know! The functionality is not quite ready there, so we’ve been holding on with promotion but we are getting there! Please do report bugs when you are there!

Feature request from Don Sturgill @Roadturn

This is a tough question, Ann. You and the team have already built out a powerful platform. One thing I wonder about is whether we could bring in some of the best functionality of My Blog Guest to My Blog U … could we match up high-quality posts and high-quality publishers in a workable fashion? Probably, (not trying to self-promote here) it would require elevation to Elite levels on both sides of the coin and straightforward criteria for initial consideration.

MyBlogU comment: We are actually working on something in that direction right now. The functionality will be similar: You upload articles. But they will need to be reviewed (and improved) by some community members before you can publish them to the gallery or publish to your own blog. It will be our gallery with MyBlogU “collaboration” flavor. As soon as I am happy with the release, I’ll invite the ambassadors to test it out!

Feature request from Shobha Ponnappa @ShobhaPonnappa

My suggestion is that there need to be more sub-categories within the SEO and Social category because the subject has grown so vast that there are many aspects within SEO and Social. What do you think? There could be sub-categories like Content marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and so on.

MyBlogU comment: From experience, the more categories and sub categories, the more people are lost. Maybe call that one “Internet Marketing”? That way it will be more obvious the category includes all of those topics!

Feature request from Angela Alcorn @AngelaAlcorn

When splitting up interviews, sometimes you want to reformat things too. In these cases, it would be great if it were possible to get a larger profile image from the people you’ve interviewed. The current ones are way too small for the purpose I had in mind, and it leaves me chasing up images with people individually.

MyBlogU comment: We use Gravatar among other sources of the profile image, so we are not sure if it provides a larger image… We’ll take a look!

Feature request from Paul Manwaring @IMHBlog

(1) Being able to see snapshot of users websites within the interview and brainstorm section would really help.

(2) Also being able to filter out via DA would be a nice feature too.

MyBlogU comment: (1) We do show the website and connected social media accounts above each Brainstorm idea you receive. Also each name in the interview answers links to this user’s website… Should we show more?

(2) We’d like to move away from SEO metrics as far as possible at this point. We may add that later (possibly within the PRO package) but as of today we don’t want the users to think about that at all!

Feature request from Michael Bergen (Riverbedmarketing) @Bluetitan247

I would love to see a basic analytics dashboard!

Something that would break down a few basic metrics that could be exported. I work on providing contributions on behalf of our company, and so this would be a great reporting feature. Something relatively basic like:

  • # of Pitches
  • # of Pitches opened
  • # of Pitches accepted
  • # of Pitches declined
  • # of Klout Improvement (5-10-30 day improvement timeline)
  • # of Confirmed publications (All links provided by publishers)

Export function, maybe with some graphs or metrics achieved for the month.

I would also love to see the available writers be showcased more regularly in newsletters with their permission. Maybe like a “spotlight on this week’s most active user.”

This would nurture direct pitches to highlighted authors and continue to develop user engagement beyond the interviews or brainstorm sections.

MyBlogU comment: Love the idea! We already have a “Dashboard” collecting your achievements within the PRO dashboard. I think it will be greatly improved with this functionality! Thank you!


Also, we’ll start feature members on a monthly basis in our PUSH Twitter chats and in our blog! That’s an awesome idea!

If you’d like to suggest features, please send them here

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  1. Gravatar does provide a large image. You just need to use a different API call. Really easy!

    However, the MyBlogU code gives us the images as:

    If the code had the gravatar link in it, we could adjust the size ourselves. 🙂

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