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Write an About Page that Puts That All Together: #Reputation Series #MyBlogU

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Write an About Page that Puts That All Together: #ReputationThis is the fourth chat in our #reputationmanagement series: We’ve already talked about what your branded search results consist of, how to sort your search results to develop a strategy and how to create pages that can rank for your (brand) name.

Now, let’s create an asset that puts everything together!

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And of course, don’t miss our joined MyBlogU project on creating a killer About page!

Having a professional, well thought-over About me page is the first step to getting people pitch you for great opportunities. Moreover, it’s also an efficient way to help your current assets rank better in Google and better control your SERPs.

Here are some tips on creating an About Page that achieves both:

Make sure your bio page is clearly and logically structured

Some of the better About pages I have seen identify what the person or business offers, their expertise, how they can assist the public, and plenty of quality links re-enforcing what they have already said.

Keeping the profile professional, showing a little personality, without overselling the product or service are the pages that catch my eye as a consumer.


  • A quick and to the point Tagline,
  • An Introduction that outlines everything you want your readers or consumers to know about you or your biz,
  • A fully completed Links section including links to your past interviews, contributions and author profiles

About interviews

If you were using our previous lessons, don’t forget to include links to all podcast, chats and AMAs you were featured in:

Note: Each time you link to your off-site assets (interviews, author pages, etc), you help those pages rank higher in Google, so use your About page for that!

Always include links to your social media profiles

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked someone’s bio page and failed to locate those important links.

This may sound obvious, but your on-site bio page should work as the ultimate reference for where people can find you, including any active social media accounts.

Make it clear that you are available for the new opportunities and media pitches

Most people miss this. Be sure to say what types of opportunities you’re interested in – for example, contributing articles, participating in expert interviews, providing quotes – and list your favorite topics to talk about.

As a part of your well-structured bio page, it’s a smart idea to create a highly visible “I am open for” and “Here’s how to get in touch with me for these and other opportunities” sections.

Tell your story

People love connecting with people who have interesting stories. (What’s your background? Tell some anecdotes!) Keep in mind, your unique story is the major reason why you will be interesting to bloggers and publishers.

Make sure you’ve got basic SEO covered

These page elements should contain your name:

  • The title tag
  • The first paragraph
  • The alt text of the images

Basic SEO

Basic SEO

Use some basic markup to make it search engine friendly.

Linking to this page from other pages on your site and from your contributor bylines will give it extra visibility, and it’s also a good way to get it ranked higher in search engines.

This free internal linking WordPress plugin will make your life easier!

Share what other people are saying about you

Feature testimonials and “As seen on”: These add authority and give you more opportunities to rank to your brans assets from a good context.

Remember, your “About me” page on your site is your most important asset putting together everything else you do online.

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