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The MOST Essential Writing Tools #MyBlogU

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writing-tools-mybloguOur community is all about creative writing: We inspire each other, motivate to write and help create epic content.

We also educate through these chats giving you more and more actionable tips to try and tools to play with.

Today’s chat aims at making you a more efficient writer by listing most essential writing tools to help you through the process. We did our best to keep the list short and strictly to the point:

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For Inspiration & Research

1. MyBlogU (Of course!) can help on any level: From content idea brainstorming to writing, collecting quotes and even editing and getting feedback on the written piece (The new feature we are testing right now!). So it’s quite logical that @MyBlogU goes #1 on this list of writing tools.

2. BrainyQuote: To find that quote you’ve been looking for. Quotes are a great source of inspiration!

3. Topic and title generators: For generating blog ideas.

4. Fact Browser: If you need a fact to back up an argument go here. And here are more sites to find stats.

5. Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Suggest: Lots of keyword suggestions to get inspired!

6. Evernote (or MyBlogU idea-management features) to store the information and ideas.

7. A good free Thesaurus, dictionary and glossary is always helpful for writing, so pick a few from here.

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For Writing and Formatting

8. OmmWriter (desktop) and ZenPen (online): For distraction-free writing

9. Markdown is great for writing web-ready copy, but a lot of CMSs won’t accept it, which is a shame.

10. FormatMatch (Mac): Automatically removes formatting from clipboard text. A decent format stripper is pretty essential. If you’re quoting other pieces or compiling resources a lot, then having to click the “clear formatting” button in Word all the time becomes a pain.

11. Google Drive: It is mostly helpful for collaboration between writers and editors. The output code is decent too.

For Proof-Reading

12. Hemingway App: For checking your writing style

13. Read-able: Gives you an idea if anybody will actually be able to read what I am writing.

14. Grammarly: Checks everything you write on the web, and it’s very smart when it comes to correcting all sorts of mistakes, from simple typos to advanced issues

Are there any more writing apps you’d recommend including here? Please share in the comments or tweet to #myblogu Twitter chat!

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  1. Henry Tobias says:

    Better still, join a group of like minded writers and critique each other’s work.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tools. Now it’s time to test them to see which one works best for me. This will take some time. Is there one you prefer?

    Again thanks for sharing.

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