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My name is Aaron Li, I am from the United States, I am concentrated on the sales and manufacturing of concrete and also building equipment, I am familiar with the real estate project advancement procedure, building regulation and associated construction industry regulations and also acceptance requirements, grasp the building procedure of civil design, a certain design plan examine capacity, great building and construction website company as well as coordination, project management capabilities. Abundant experience in building and construction management and also sensible experience in taking care of a team, strong capacity to resist pressure and also positive job. Diligent and dedicated, sincere, favorable, proactive, with a strong sense of duty. Open-minded, responsive, with solid logical thinking capability, very easy to accept brand-new understanding swiftly. At present, our business generates the adhering to machines: concrete laser screed , power screed, power trowel  , truss screed, Ride on power trowel and roller screed, welcome pals from all walks of life to acquire as well as consult.

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