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Types of essays for high school
At high school, you are usually confronted with completely different types of essays, some of which are more complex. However, this is no reason to despair, because if you follow our tips and approach the text in a structured way, you will succeed in every essay there as well. These are the types of essays you can expect in high school:

The table of contents
A synopsis is a summary of the main content of a text. It can be an entire book, a chapter, or a is essayshark safe. When writing a summary, keep the following in mind:

Content statements are always written in the present tense.
The summary should be much shorter than the actual text you are summarizing.
You do not need to describe a person's feelings in a summary unless they are very important to the plot. 
Always write in a factual, concise, and informative manner. 
Important questions to ask yourself when writing a synopsis:

  • What are the most important events in the text?
  • Who are the most important characters?
  • Where does the action take place?
  • When does the action take place?
  • How do the characters behave or think?
  • What events are related?

The (poem) interpretation
An interpretation is an attempt to grasp the meaning and intended effect of a text. Thus, an interpretation not only describes the content of the book, chapter, or poem, but also analyzes any linguistic peculiarities. When interpreting a text, the time of origin or the epoch (e.g. naturalism, studypool.com, romanticism ) and the text form (e.g. novella, love poem) must not be ignored. This is because, depending on the era, certain motifs, symbols, or historical events can play an important role. 

Important questions you should ask yourself when writing an interpretation:

  • What linguistic devices (e.g., metaphors, similes, symbols ) does the author use?
  • What does he/she want to accomplish with the devices?
  • What is unusual about the text?
  • Are there any peculiarities in sentence structure, grammar, text structure, etc.?
  • From which point of view is the story told? Is there one or more changes of perspective?

Characterization involves describing a character who appears in a book, short story, or poem. This involves analyzing not only the character's appearance, but everything that the text like Livecareer review or a particular passage reveals about the character. Use appropriate and varied adjectives when describing the character. It is important that you always support a statement with quotations from the text. At the end of a characterization, analyze the influence of the character on the overall plot or on the other characters.

Important questions to ask yourself when writing a characterization:

  • How is the character's physical appearance described?
  • What situation is the character in? What is the character's background? And what is his or her social position?
  • What influence does society or social position have on the character's behavior?
  • How does the character interact with the other characters within the text?
  • How does the character behave? Does she exhibit certain habits or mannerisms?
  • Are there salient features in the character's language? Does the language reveal anything about the character?
  • What is the character interested in? What is she thinking? What problems are they preoccupied with? What does the reader know about the character's feelings?

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